E1💋 KOREAN KIDS MAKEUP Challenge ft. Sunnydahye ll Beauty Beasts

E1💋 KOREAN KIDS MAKEUP Challenge ft. Sunnydahye ll Beauty Beasts

Hey! Everyone!Welcome to Beauty Beasts.

This is my first episode – Yes – I am so honored – Actually I am quite nervous Yes.

I am quite nervousbut I am really excited YES! Yes I am.

There are lots of awesome stuffs.

– Congratulations~- Thank you! Congratulations♬♬♬and celebrations ♬♬♬ So today, as you can see,I have a very special guest Hi everyone~I am a Beauty Youtuber And I do a lot of Korean beauty-inspired videos~ Yeah.

Just like I do.


Beauty Beasts Today is going to be a really fun episode I hope.


Lately, on YouTube, I have been seeing trends like"Children's Makeup Challenge" Oh yes! I've watched that and it's so funny (Yes, and those "Hundred layers of challenge", but we are not doing that today) So I bought.

"KIDS MAKEUP!" What?Yeah~What? Oh my god! This is really cute!Hold on! Ah.

By the way.

In Korea,they are very particular about taking care of the children Oh.


So they don't make "Real" kid's makeup The Thing is.

Acutally, right here it says"This is not real cosmetics.

Don't apply the product on your skin" So this is not makeup.


Word of warning.


Do not.

If you ever.

I don't know why you would buy.

So this I got from Lotte Mart This was the only thing that had "Kids" makeup In America, you can get like all sorts of things but.


Oh, it's openThere you go Oh my god! That's so cute!They have all the stickers for like eyebrows, shadows and lenses.

Yes, techically, it's just a fancy coloring book There's like little faces that you can um.

color with like THE MAKEUP that's hereBut today.


we've got this makeup right thereThere another compartment here so.


But if you open it Oh my god Look at the sponge! Look at the sponges~ Yes!They've got everything in here – Oh I gotta look legit- You can even bring this on the train Subway.

During commute hours.

And then just like.

Put everything on your face~ – And then just like.

Put everything on your face.

– Yes, exactly! But like.

The thing is.

This is so expensive! I know! It's more expensive than like real cheap makeup! You told me earlier that it was around like 30,000 KRW? 35,000 KRW(USD 35.

00) Yeah! 35,000 won! (wow) It's highway robbery but it's waste.

So whatever.


So I think.

Well, it comes with sponges And like.

Stuff to put makeup on with? So.

Is this even real eyeliner? They are real pencils Oh my god.

We are not gonna use that thing Like.

pencil!We are gonna like "Oh my god" (Laugh) So.

It comes with like eyeshadows.

You know lip gloss and stuff and um.

It has a little compact with a blush in thereOh my god! That is the cutest thing ever! Yes~Look at this~ Like that Etude House products feel!Yes!Yeah~ Wait a second.

Oh look at that!Oh what~ Gorgeous! It's gorgeous coral pink!It's so cute! Yes!A dusty rose! Oh and it has little bit of shimmers~ There's a shimmer in there? What? This is like a NARS Goululu I don't know if this is NARS.


So we've got these neutral colors up hereand we've got some lip colors in the middle and then we've got these FUN, like SUMMER colors at the bottomColorful ones~ We are gonna like Like real makeup swatch videowe will swatch them for you Okay, I will swatch the bottom onesSo swatch the top ones How about that?Okay Let's see So you go firstThis is.

We use our fingers.



Oh my god Is it even.

? There's like no color!(Laugh) There's no color! (Laugh) What the heck! Oh, wow.

That's like.

That's like shading!They are on your eyes.


It's a shading.

You can't even see it Can you see it on camera?Oh yes, I can see that It's a little bit orangy Yeah, I would never use this for contouring Okay.


My turn!Plaything.

Oh! Wow! Look at this!Oh~ It's so pigmented!It's so intense! Wow~ WaitHold on Umm.

Let's do it here Oh~Wow~ It's not that badThis is really good But as it said.

This is not real makup so we can't really.


Oh! Wow~ Look at that!Oh~ Look at that Impressive~Look at that pigment! That color!Acutally, I failed here.

Look at this Okay.

And then we are gonna go for.

Blue~ Okay, I am impressed with blue Those three colors are really nice, actuallyYeah And the yellow one.

Oh not this yellow.

I am not really a big fan.

Like this is like a powder Yeah Okay.

YeahIt's a powder for old ladies Oh yeah!The one that kicks up and it's like super yellow (Laugh) Um.

I'm digging the pinkWow~ This is my style~ These styles are not that bad~ YeahWe can actually use this as a blushif you use it really light Yeah And use it as an eye shadow.

I mean it's an eye shadow.

Anyway Right right The last one, right? The brown one.

WhichI've actually pretty digging this color but it's not coming out.



Let's try (Laugh)What? Nothing is coming out! What is this?(Laugh) Yes! It's not coming out! Oh my god.

So this is.

This is the swatches These are the swatches guys Yeah.

This is what you are going to get for 35,000 won Yes So we are gonna try to make a LOOKusing the stuff that's in it Yes! So.

So you wanna use.

What one of these? Um.

So I am gonna go for a very.

Like cartoonish color So I am goona try like blue and pink Blue and pink?Yes I'll try the the neutral colors.

Neutral? Make myself look like an idol, a boy idol Okay.

I'm gonna make myself look like a cartoon A cartoon? Here I feel this is gonna be like those.


ice skating.


Performance?kind of makeup.

Very colorful Like the ones that um.


Like the swimmers have?Yes! Like the synchronized swimmers?Yes! Okay, that was the orange, right? Hey! Not bad! Look at this! It looks good on you!Not bad at all! But now you look like.

Clown? An old lady.


I'm actually digging this look What? Wow! Actually, this combination is kind of like crazy Like cotton candy~But I feel like.


But I feel like.


But I feel like.


Make it a little bit.

like darkerit would look a lot more wearable eye thingRight.

Probably I'm gonna use like the corner of the brushto like make like.

Eyeliner? Yes.

Wait I think we are going to haveso much problem taking this makeup off Yeap we.

Go blind.

YeahBecause I feel like eyeshadowjust stick on your eyes like that But I have eye makeup removers so.


It's not even coming! This kind of reminds me like a Harley Quinn Harley.

? Right! ColorYeah This is basically like men's makeup The black ones are not coming out!Yes! The black ones are not really coming out!I was thinking of using the color as my eyeliner Yeah.

Do we have like paper here.

Or maybe um.

Let me try out the brown one.

It comes with stickers too The brown color is not coming out! Oh! There you go! You can use it now~They have stickers that look like accessories.

Oh! We'll use that in a minuteOh yeah Yeah (x2) Well, I'm going to be using that one Oh ReallyI want these Tiny earrings right here And the brown one's coming off This is how she did itI scooped it off The whole.

She was like khkhkh But I had to take out the colors But that's what I do with like, um.

eyeshadows If it doesn't come out, I'll be like.

Do that This doesn't go with me well Uh.

I wanted to try it, so.

There are so many cute stickers,look at this Ok, I see you Diamond earrings.

Oooh, okay! Look at that, I see you!Yes – Just a moment, I'm going to try.

What are these, lashes? Are these lashes?They are both lashes Okay, I'm going to try this Um, I put on both lashes Laugh You put it upside down It's the other waySorry – What's she doing?I was like trying to.

I don't think this is going to work.

Like, it's coming off.

RightI feel like Zico Zico – Oh, I'm going for like the modern Harley Quinn Modern Harley Quinn? The super super modern Harley Quinn look – I'm going take different faux eyelashes And apply it right there Oh, pretty.

Even if it's the other way Ah, really?(Laugh) Look at it, it's going to fall off (Laugh)Oh wow – It's like lashes, okay Right! Ooh, yeah – Oh, I forgot we have these lipgloss thingsYes! I'm going to use coral one.

I'm going to use pink Would you wear this makeup for your birthday?Oh yeah, I would wear it for the club To Gangnam, Octagon.

With this, I feel like.

Oh my God We should totally walk out for like 2 minutes like to be just like It's very aggressive though OhHello, I am Bunny Bunny This is so metallic.

1990s style.

It's like the Kylie Jenner metal look – Oh, it's coming back.

Metallic lips are coming back, people It's like the latest trend right now, right? What?They match your 80s eyes, 80s lips I mean the whole trend, I thought like back lips, or just like that Because I thought a bit like glossy lips, but super metallic lips are back So that's our finished look Is it okay? How is it? Hello.

Welcome to Beauty Beast Oh (Laugh) The blush for people who like to drink alcoholThe blush! Finished lookYou got these small things What's this? Star ruffle brushes They have this I can use eitherI'll use this one It was supposed to be eyeliner for men but it became look for old ladies It's like.

girl! So prettyWow, it's strong Wow, I love the brush color It's really pretty coral colorTake it No, no.

I'm fine.

You can keep it(Laugh) Oh my god, it's really strong Ah.

It looks so fine I have a brush color like this and I love itI look like Annabel I don't knowOh, my gosh Yes, we're done We look like clownsYes Weird.

Like,Ha, ha But the lip color looks really nice on you.

I like it This is my natural look color It's a lip gloss.

It's like a cheap chap stick Yeah.

My look is metallic metallic pink Yeah – We enjoy this look Yeah.

So we're going to take this stuff off.

And this time we will be using real makeup brands We are going to go for like professional look Like eyeliners, faux eyelashes, and follow us It makes makeup usable, wearable, and we are going to take off and we will see you in one secondWe will be right back Anyways, now we're real-lookingDone Do I look okay?How is it? Oh my god That, I see staff over here Yeah, actually, really badass I feel more EXO right now Nara, Nara, Na Na SorryAnyways, that was us trying to mess around With kids' makeup.

It was okay It was funIt was really fun.

The colors were pigmented I just forgot how fun it was and I just forgot we're not kids I used to have one of this makeup You can see where she dug into itShe was digging She was like(Acting) Yes.

Because I need to get some colors.

Yeah~ But.

But there's like no color Yeah, and I forgot just how fun it was I think when we were little, we just put on whatever color we like But we didn't know which one to put on whereAh.

And now we know which color goes where I think it's really fun I think this one is also.

I think that one is not that good either I mean it's not as pigmented to begin with anyway Yeah.


I think you can get the color if you use your fingers Yeah, I think so too So.

Next weekI am going to have another guest with meso we can try other fun makeup video related stuff Make sure you guys follow the Beauty Beasts'official Instagram which will be down below.



Yeah~ Click "Subscribe,"Like this video, "Share this video"if you find it fun.

Yeah Right.

All thatWe'll see you guys later~ Bye~See you later~.

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