Dramatic Neutral Eyes with MAC: Spring Beauty – Nordstrom

Dramatic Neutral Eyes with MAC: Spring Beauty – Nordstrom

I'm Victor Cembellin, Senior Artist with MAC Cosmetics.

I'm going to be showing a new way to work with neutrals.

All right, Isabella, we've already prepped your skin.

We're going to go straight into doing a beautiful neutraleye.

The first thing we're going to start off with, before we do your eyeshadow, is our 24-Hour Extend Eye Base so that when you get to your shadows they're sure to blendeasy, they're going to go on true, you're really gonna see that vivid, beautiful neutraleye.

What's really exciting about this palette launching here at Nordstrom this season isthat we have 15 beautiful colors from highlighters to lid colors to contours to even liner colors,so you can be your own makeup artist and create a different combination of eyeshadow everyday when you do your eye makeup.

So to make eyeshadow really simple, I'm going to breakdown the eye into four different sections: the highlight, the contour, the inner lidand the outer lid.

If you can remember those four spots, you're going to do perfect eyemakeup every time.

I'm starting off with our highlighter color.

I'm going to use the MAC#252 Large Shader Brush, and we're just lightly swiping this brown underneath your eyebrow,down into the contour.

It's going to give you this nice beautiful oyster highlight.

OK, our next step is to do the socket of the eye, or the contour, with this beautiful sun-kissed brown.

We're going back and forth in a windshield wiper motion all the way from the inner eye to the outer eye.

And then a little makeup artist tip for you is to do circles to blend up and out toward the temple so that the color seamlessly pops in.

We're on to a third color, and it's time for your lid.

In this case we're going to go with this beautiful peachy baby pink.

I'm going to hold the brush upside down, and we're going to lightly pat from the innereye to about halfway in the center.

We're on to our last color, and I'm going to use this mahogany shade here from the neutral palette.

You're going to make a triangularshape on the outer corner of the eyelid, going from the lash line into the socket, back andforth, and then up into the contour.

Use the two colors together to create that entire smoky eye.

Beautiful! We're ready to do your cat eyeliner.

and false lashes.

In order to cap this look, we're going to use a little bit of a MAC favorite called Viva Glam 5.

This'll just add that extra flush of color to your lips while still letting the neutral eyes be the star.

Gorgeous! All right, that completes your makeup.

With this palette you have so many different options to create different looks.

Neutral is the way to go this season.

You look fantastic!.

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