Deepika Padukone MTV EMA Inspired l Sexy Smokey Eyes and Pale Lips Makeup Tutorial

Deepika Padukone MTV EMA Inspired l Sexy Smokey Eyes and Pale Lips Makeup Tutorial

First I am going to spritz some of this EmbryolisseEau de Beauté toner all over my face before going in with moisturizer which is also fromEmbryolisse this is my favorite thing to do at the moment for a super glowy skin perfectlyprimed for makeup application.

I have never really found a substitute forthis lait créme concentré from Embryolisse.

it is so lightweight and yet so moisturizing.

Then popping some lip balm on my lips.

This one is from Bite beauty and its so thickand gooey.

A perfect base for all those liquid lipsticksto come.

I am going to work on my base now and I wantfull coverage today so I am using my Kat Von D Lock it Foundation in Medium 64 mixed withmy Makeup Forever HD Foundation.

I am mixing it on my cosmetic palette andthen dotting it all over my face before bouncing out all with a damp beauty blender.

The beauty blender is perfect for this applicationbecause it gives you such an airbrushed look No streaky foundation no thank you.

Now for my eyes, I am going to apply Groundworkpaintpot by MAC all over eyelids with a flat shading brush.

This acts as a perfect base for your eyeshadowsso that they go on vibrant, there is no creasing and the eyeshadows just won’t budge.

As you can see its already covered all thedarkness and veins that would look really weird underneath an eyeshadow.

Obviously you don’t have to use MAC, youcan use any eyeshadow base that you prefer.

Next I am going to set that base with NYXHD Finishing Powder in Banana.

This will remove the tackiness form the eyeshadowbase so that all our eyeshadows can blend well.

Now for the eyeshadows I am using this whiteshade here from the Morphe brushes 35OM palette and I am going to highlight the brow bone.

Then I am going to mix these two shades hereto build the transition shade here with a fluffy brush.

I work very slowly in circular motions withthe transition shade, a little at time to warm that whole area.

With smoky eyes the transitions shades makesuch a difference.

Then I am taking this lovely dark brown shimmeryshade from the 35OS palette and placing it in the outer corners again in circular motions,I am really concentrating this in the outer corners before taking it slightly up the crease.

Then with whatever is left on the brush Iam going to blend it into the inner corners.

Now diffusing the edges so there is a lovelyfade and then moving on to intensify that outercorner and the upper lash line with thisdark chocolate eyeshadow from the same palette.

As you can see i first pat it on and thenblend it out to achieve the gradation in the outer corners.

Use a light hand here and concentrate thatcolor on the outer corners so it fades into the transition color.

we need to be very patient when we blend thisso that we don’t mix and muddy all these colors that we have taken so much effort toplace on the eyelid.

Now I am lining my lash line with this avonsuper shock gel liner and then smoking that out as well to soften it.

I am not very neat with this and I do thisseveral times to get the depth of color that I want.

I had to use another pencil the bourgeoisclubbing eyeliner because this wasn’t as dark as I liked.

Again diffusing it very slowly using lightand small strokes.

Now tight lining the upper lash line withthat bourgeois pencil.

now I am using this shimmery white eyeshadowfrom the same palette as a brow bone highlight and to highlight my inner corners as well.

Now I am going to quickly do my brows usingthe brown shade here from the 35OM palette.

I want my eyebrows to be as defined as Deepikasin her photo so I am using more product than I normally do.

Now I am going to set it all the hairs inplace using this Rimmel brow gel.

Going back to my base I am using this orangecolor corrector from Cover FX under my eyes and around my mouth to cover any pigmentationI have so that the base is quite flawless.

You only need very little of this.

I pop it on and then use a brush to blendit into the skin.

take care not to move the product too much.

It neutralizes all the darkness under my eyesso that the smoky eyes pop once we are done with concealing and highlighting.

I am using my favorite concealer combo theMac studio finish concealer in NW35 and the Maybelline age rewind concealer in mediumin the usual areas that i like to conceal and highlight.

I am very precise with thistoday so I am using a flat brush first and then I will bounce it all in with a Real TechniquesDiamond sponge.

This is such a great blender.

it gets all those pesky inner corners thatI sometimes have trouble blending.

This one is as good as the beauty blenderI am sold Now using the same damp sponge to quickly set the concealer with the NYX finishingpowder to avoid any creasing in all the areas we just highlighted.

Now for the contour I am using the Anastasiabeverly hills cream contour in chocolate with this flat foundation brush.

I am creating these weird stripes under mycheekbones and then I am slowly flicking the brush upwards to create that fade so thatwe can create a gradation of contour, blush and highlight on the cheeks.

This is extreme contouring and you can totallyavoid this step but I love doing this for celebrity looks and don’t forget I needto add some dimension on my chubby face.

Notice how i curve whatever is left on thebrush towards my nose.

This is very flattering if you have a faceshape like mine.

Now for the jawline and below the jaw as well.

some on the sides of my forehead to give aframe to my face.

Now I am buffing it all in with this RealTechniques expert face brush so that it looks seamless and blends into the skin.

Now I am just dusting off any excess powderon my face before contouring my nose to make it look slimmer.

Now setting all the contoured areas with theMac blush in blunt.

Contouring has already changed the way thatI look as you can see.

I love how you can make it as subtle or asstrong as you like.

Now just to deepen that cheek contour I usethe same age rewind concealer under where we contoured and I am going to bounce it withthis real techniques sponge.

This looks so flattering in pictures if youdo it right.

time to work on my lower lashline I am usingthe same transition colors under the lower lashline really blending it in and then usingthe same shimmer dark chocolate shade to define it with a smaller brush.

here I am lining my waterline before usinga flat brush to diffuse the eyeliner just below the lashline.

For mascara i am still loving the L’orealvoluminous feline mascara and butterfly sculpt mascara.

i am applying lots of it since this combomakes me look like I have false lashes on so why notFor blush we are again using our trusty coralline blush from milani cosmetics and i am usinga tapered highlighting brush to apply it blending it on top of the contour and a little intoit God I love this blush Now for some glow I am using Moonstone by Anastasia BeverlyHills.

I am going spray some Mist and Fix Spray on a brush and then pop that highlighteron Oh my god it never gets old it is the most gorgeous highlighter i own.

Deepika did not have loads of highlighteron her skin but i am going a bit mad with this one here as you can see.

And now I am using a smaller brush to popthat highlighter on my nose.

I have no idea why I am using light strokeshere I am just playing mad I guess.

right and some on my cupids bow as well.

For my lips I am using French Toast by GerardCosmetics.

This is such a beautiful peachy brown nudeand its so close to the color deepika has on in the photo.

Then I am topping that with 1995 a liquidlipstick again by gerard cosmetics.

and finally I am going to line my lips.

I line the lower lips first, shading the innercorners and then I live the bottom half of the upper lip and leave the tops of the cupidsbow free of any liner.

This gives my tiny lips a lift and also anillusion of fullness.

now I am blending it all in with a lip brushso that everything looks seamless and this is the final look.

I am going to set all my makeup with the MakeUp for ever mist and fix setting spray and pat all that into the skin with a beauty blenderto finish.

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