Cruelty Free Drugstore Beauty Makeup Haul at Ulta Beauty

Cruelty Free Drugstore Beauty Makeup Haul at Ulta Beauty

Hey guys, welcome back.

Today I've got an Ulta haul for you.

You know I rarely do haul videos but thispast weekend I went out shopping with Mickey and I thought maybe it'd be fun to show youwhat I picked up.

He and I are apparently super jaded rightnow because we feel like there's not very much that's really exciting that's in stores.

So anyway, without further ado.

The first thing I picked up was this RealTechniques brush cleansing gel, so I'm curious to give this a try.

As you know, I clean my makeup brushes withCinema Secrets after I use them every single time, so I'm guessing this is sort of moreof like a deep cleaning.

Yeah, it's for deep cleaning, so I should probably do thisonce a month even though I still clean with that daily.

I also picked up the Real Techniques Eye Smudge& Diffuse Duo, and it has a bonus sharpener that comes with it.

This is a precision smudge brush, so basicallyyou use it along the lash line or wherever you want to smudge something out.

This is a larger version of the smudge brush.

I actually like this size for along my lowerlid, like right at the lash line, this is a great size for that.

And then the sharpener's pretty basic, it'sjust little and has the Real Techniques logo.

But wait, there's more.

I also picked up these Real Techniques.

Ithink they're Miracle Contour wedges.

So I happen to be a fan of using beauty blenderand I do like some of the Real Technique sponges, like I think this is a Real Techniques eyesponge, for blending.

So I thought, "Hey, might as well give thesea try.

" And these are actually much softer than someof the other sponges that I have.

It says it's perfect for on the go application,ideal for liquid, cream, or powder.

Replace these every one to three months andit's latex free.

So you have the pointed tip to apply, thedomed sides to blend, and then the flat round to buff.

So I'll be giving these a try sometime soon.

I picked up the ecoTools makeup brush wipesbecause I thought it'd be interesting to see what they're like.

I've never used makeup brush wipes, I normallyuse makeup wipes to wipe off swatches or whatever on my arms.

I rarely use makeup wipes on my face becauseI have sensitive skin and makeup wipes tend to irritate my skin and cause me to breakout.

I'm curious how these will actually work forbrushes.

I picked up a staple that I like to keep around,these are makeup wedges and you can use these wet or dry, they're good if you want to dolike the baking thing where you put all the powder along your cheek.

But you can use them for other things, too.

I actually like to use these for creatinggradients when I do a nail gradient.

So they're just useful to have around.

I also picked up the Ulta brand bath bombs,they were buy two get one free.

I picked up Coconut and Almond Milk, whichsmells really good, and they only had two of those, so I had to pick a third one andthis one, which is Sea Mist and White flower, was the one that I was like, "Well, maybeit'd be okay.

" I really like things that are fruity or tropical.

I'm a gourmand scent person, so I wasn't reallysure about this.

I don't like overly floral stuff, it's justgross to me, I don't like how it smells on me, but I'm looking forward to trying theseto see what I think of them.

I also picked up Not Your Mother's texturizingbeach cream because I do like to have.

I like it when my hair has a little bit of waveor something to it so that I just.

I feel like the colors look better, I feel like it'seasier to see all the colors.

So I thought this might be fun to give ita try, to see how it works in my hair.

I haven't ever heard anybody talk about thisso who knows.

Maybe it'll suck, maybe it'll be awesome.

I also picked up some of the Yes to sheetmasks.

I've never been a sheet mask person, I'venever really tried them so I thought that well, you know, I could try these becauseI like the Yes to Coconuts line.

I'm using the Yes to Coconuts micellar waterright now, which is great because it has this awesome pump top.

I thought, "Might as well give these a try,see if I like them.

" Have you tried these? Let me know.

I picked up two of the Makeup Revolution LipAmplification.

I think the shade is called High Voltage.

High Voltage is my favorite sort of pink withpurple undertones.

I love this color.

Conviction is a really dark vampy shade, remindsme a little bit of NARS Train Bleu.

Last but not least, I bought the Nyx GloomyDays palette.

I kept thinking I had this and I don't knowif I do or if I loaned it to somebody but I couldn't find it and I couldn't find anyrecord of me swatching it so I thought, "Well, I will go ahead and get this to try," becauseit looks like it has a lot of cool toned shades that I think will look good on my skin tone.

So anyway, that was my Ulta haul.

I spent $91.

50 at Ulta on all of what yousee here.

You'll probably see me reviewing and usingthese products in the future.

If there's any one item in particular youwant to hear about first, please be sure to let me know in the comments below.

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Thanks so much for watching.

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