CathyDoll | Classic Red Lips Look #KarmartABBCbySampleStore

CathyDoll | Classic Red Lips Look #KarmartABBCbySampleStore

Hi, I’m Dawn & I’ll be doing a glamourmakeup look with red lips today.

Thanks to Asian celebrities like Hyuna, Fan Bingbing,and Zhang Zi Yi , bold red lips are a classic look of femininity empowerment & radiatingsexinesss.

Starting with sunscreen, I am using InvisibleSun Protection by Cathy Doll.

This product looks like any normal sunscreen, BUT.

Thanksto it’s ION Plus innovation, it contains a special ability to filter out dust nearmy face.

Even though it contains triple layers of protection, the super light texture ensureeasy absorption by my skin.

With instant hydrating effect due to cooling splash technology andSPF33 +++, this product is best suited for Asia’s weather.

Moving on to foundation, AA Matte Powder CushionOil Control by Cathy Doll is one of my favourite products.

It has an extremely cute packaging,with an easy to use cushion applicater & mirror, making it a joy to bring it out.

It concealsall my imperfections & even out my skintone, yet it’s so light that I didn’t feel likeI have my foundation on.

Thanks to the cushion, my foundation is applied evenly everytimeachieving a flawless skin look.

Next, finishing up my foundation with NiigataPowder Pact by Cathy Doll.

Niigata City is famous in Japan for their barley.

Specialtechnique is used to extract the barley to become intense malt to create this powderpact, giving it antioxidant and nutrients properties.

Ever since I got this product,I used it often under my eyes and around my lips, setting my makeup so it lasts throughoutthe day.

After drawing my eyebrows, I’m moving onto my eyes with Iroka Eye Color Mousse by Cathy Doll.

Using mousse technology, thisproduct has a creamy texture that seem to glide smoothly over your eyelids, yet retainingits high pigmented stunning blend of 2 colors.

It gives more powerful impact than normaleyeshadow powders, creating attention to beautiful eyes.

Next I will use Moteru Gel Liner Pot by CathyDoll to define my eyes.

This product can be applied along both upper and lower eyelids,and it’s an perfect finishing touch for eye makeup.

It’s waterproof and oil controlproperties ensures my eye makeup is on point.

With this smart built in brush, losing myeyeliner brush would never be a problem again.

Finishing off my eye makeup with Dolly Long Mascara.

I could see the difference I could see the difference in length with just a few strokes with this product, & I love the corkscrew shape of their brush for easy application.

After applying fake lashes, my eye makeup is completed.

Next, 3D Face Forward NefertitiContour Kit by Cathy Doll.

Queen Nefertiti is a beautiful queen in egyptwith well defined jawlines & cheekbones.

This contouring kit lives up to it’s name bygiving my face a beautiful 3D effect, suitable for light skin with yellow undertones.

This is another one of my favoriteproducts I must have in my makeup routine.

Next, I am using C'est Bon Bon Cushion Blusher to lightly highlight my cheeks.

In french, C'est bon means it’s good, whilebon bon means candy.

Not only does this candy blusher smells really good with a sweet scentof floral, it also contains vitamin E, l-glutathione and aloe vera to nourish my skin.

Yummy! Moving on to the highlight of this makeup,I’ll be using Hanazakari Lip Matte by Cathy Doll for my red lips.

This product has a softvelvet texture, with a well balanced matte semi gloss look.

The color is highly pigmented.

In just one swipe, the color is exactly just like the tube.

I feel like I have discoveredthe secret of a geisha signature lips! The japanese inspired design on the cap makesme love this even more! I love how Cathy Doll products comes withgorgeous packagings yet their effectiveness is so much more than how they look.

With lightweight foundation & pigmented colors, my makeup doesnot feel heavy, as only minimal layers is needed to achieve the desired look.

Cathy Doll is a leading beauty brand in Asiathat offers cosmetics, beauty accessories and more for ladies.

You can buy of the productsin this video by visiting www.




I hope you enjoyed my makeup tutorial forasian red lips, and I’ll see you in the next video! Bye.

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