Brittany Ballachino Makeup Tutorials – Luscious Lips

Brittany Ballachino Makeup Tutorials – Luscious Lips

– Hi, my name is Brittany Bellachino, aesthetic specialist, and I have Sondra Powell here today, my beautiful model.

And we are going to go over some make up basics.

(theme song) Now, what we're going to go over is a quick way that you can get a multi layer luscious lip.

Sondra loves nude lips, so we're gonna play along with what she already naturally likes.

Because her eyes are alittle bit more dramatic.

So you wanna go a littlebit softer on the lips.

We're gonna start with a liner.

I like to use it kind of on it's side.

You don't wanna go head first.

So I like to start on the lower, and I do like to go a littlebit outside the lip line.

That's how you're gonnacreate that luscious look, by creating a little bit more fullness.

By having a highlightabove the lip as well.

That's how we're creatinga little bit of lift on the upper lip too.

And then I'm just gonnakind of fill them in, so it's like one pencil tipoutside of the natural lip line.

That's still gonna allow itto look natural yet fuller.

And at this point you canjust apply your lip shade.

Or you can use the lip brush.

The lip brush, as a make up artist, gives me a little bit more control.

I'm just going along the same path that I took with the lip pencil.

This is a creamier lip stick, so it will offer a little bit of a luster.

It's not completely matte.

And we're gonna add agloss on top of it as well, for added dimension.

But you can add a gloss to anytextured lip stick as well.

So sometimes people likethe stain power of a matte.

You can do that.

And then still apply alittle bit of a gloss on it for that shine.

Your gloss is going toprovide the light reflection.

It's up to you how lusciousyou want them to look.

You can just apply in the centerof the lips or throughout.

And there it is.

A pretty, luscious pout.

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