Boyfriend Guesses the Price of Makeup | Interracial Couple

Boyfriend Guesses the Price of Makeup | Interracial Couple

– Hey, lovelies! Welcome back to mychannel, JazzyNicholette, I'm Jasmine, nice to see you again.

Today we have a veryspecial guest on my channel.

I'm back with a very special guest, and it is my boyfriend! – Hi.

– His name is Troy.

You can introduce yourself, actually.

– In fact, that's kind of the gist of it, I'm her boyfriend.

I have no idea what I'm doing here.

– My boyfriend, Troy, is going to be guessing how much makeup costs.

I saw this on Jackie Ines'channel, I really love her, so I thought it would be funto include Troy in this video! – Hmmm.

– Yay! So here are the rules.

I'm going to show you a makeup product.

– Okay.

– And you're gonna tellme how much it costs.

And you're gonna be wrong.

(Troy laughs) – That's pretty rude! – And we're gonna laugh at you.

(laughs) – Oh, uh, okay, well.

– When you get it wrong, I get a point.

And when you get itright, you get a point.

And whoever wins– – I feel like I shouldget more than one point.

– No! (laughs) Whoever wins gets towear this princess crown.

(couple laughs) – This is just an excuse for her to wear the tiara around the house.

(Jasmine laughs) – It's true.

– Yes.

– We're gonna start you off slow.

Milani Fierce Foil Eyeshine.

I wear this literally every single day.

Well, you used up four.

– Nope, this is what it is, there are four different colors, and a little spongy brush thing.

I'm gonna guess about $4.

50, or $1.

00 for each of thesquares, each of the colors.

I'm thinking about 50 centsfor the little sponge brush.

– I mean, that's a very good analysis.

And the true value is $12.


– So, it's $3.

00 for each of these colors.

(Jasmine laughs) Too Faced Love Light Highlighter, I'm laughing because Troybought this for me.

(laughs) How much did this cost, Troy? Do you remember? – I'm trying to remember.

I feel like this thing.

Was deceptively pricey,I'm gonna say about $25.


– Okay, and the price is $30.


– Aww.

– You know, I'll give that one to you.

L'Oreal True Match LumiHighlighter/Primer.

– A primer, and it's makeup related, so I assume it's like,the first thing you put on for your makeup.

– Very good! – I don't even know(music drowns out speaker) I was thinking you pull it off.

I don't know, $2.

00, $3.

00? (Jasmine laughs) $4.

00? – $11.


– Oh, I wasn't even close.

(Jasmine laughs) What's kind of the rangehere, for the points? (upbeat music) – Like, you know, I'lluse my own discretion.

(couple laughs) – It's already fair, isn't it? – Now we have Elf, and this is just a little eyebrow kit, from Elf.

– From Elf.

– Mmhmm.

– They make it so hard for you to open.

– It's very loved.

(Troy laughs) – Literally, there's likenothing in the one side.

You can see it starting to run out.

– That means I hit pan.

That's what you call it.

– Oh.

– I hit pan.

– Oh, that's so, you're on terminology.

– I didn't make it up,that's just what it's called.

– Sure, okay, I'll say $10.

00 for the Elf.

– And the Elf eyebrow kit is $2.


– A little high on that.

– How about this? LA Colors Gel Extreme Shine Nail Polish, that was a mouthful.

– That was a mouthful.

– Yeah, it was a mouthful.

(laughs) – $5.

00? – What is it again? How much did you say? – $5.


– This is $1.


Sally Hansen Triple Shine Nail Polish.

– The triple shine, $3.


– Open it.

– What is it, something special in here? – Ta-da! – It's another mask! (laughs) – Isn't it beautiful? Does that change your opinion? – It's stinky.

– Oh, well.

(couple laughs) That hurt.

– $3.


– And the cost of this is $4.


I'm giving that one to you.

– Yeah, yeah.

(upbeat music) What is happening? (Jasmine laughs) – Better Than Sex Mascara.

How much does that cost? – I think mascara is for theeyebrows, or the eyelashes.

I'm going to guess, with a name like that, it's $15.


– $23.


– $23.

00? – That's how good it is.

It's actually really good.

– Really good.

– It's really good.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade.

– What is it? (Jasmine laughs) It looks like clay, or something.


00, eight to 10? Can I do a range? – Not unless you do a range on this one.

– Why just this one? – Because you're wrong, it's $18.

00! Eight plus ten! – I could go outsideand find a thing of clay and start painting it on.

(laughs) – It won't look as flawless.

– I don't know.

– It won't look as flawless.

Liquid Lipstick Milani, remember I have theirFierce Foil Eyeshines, and this is a more matte lip-cream.

– Eye shines? – Yeah, babe, you were just told that.

Right here.

(laughs) – I'm forgetful! – Yeah, you are.

(laughs) – You're also forgetful, though.

– Nuh-uh.

– I don't know what to believe anymore, some of this stuff lookslike it's really cheap, and not worth anything,but then it's like $40.


I'm gonna go with somewherein the comfort zone of try to hit in the middle, at 15? – $5.


– Oh.

– You're gonna need to make acomeback kind of quick, here.

– Well.

I think I was the underdoggoing into this, anyhow.

– Maybelline, the blush.

– Maybe it's Maybelline.

– The blush nudes.

– The blush nudes.

Some of these names are just, why? – It's eyeshadow.

– It's eyeshadow? – It sure is, darlin'! – We're gonna do a cost analysis based off of how many colors thereare, there are six.

– 'Cause that workedso well the last time.

– I was close.


00 for this, about $3.

00 per color.

That's 36, I'm bad at math.

I am really bad at math.

– Are you changing your answer, or are you staying withthe original answer? – Yes.

(couple laughs) – $30.


– I forgot the price.

10 dolla.

– 10?- Yes.

– Why was the other stuff so much more expensive per, per thing? – Babe, that's the name of the game.

Okay, how about Urban Decay All-Nighter Setting Spray? – Setting spray? – It is a setting spray.

(Troy shrieks) (Jasmine laughs) Mountain Dew makes me crazy.

– $2.


– Is that your final answer? – Yep.

(music drowns out speaker) $4.

00! – $26.


– Hmm.

(upbeat music) Mmhmm.

– You lost, so you don't getto wear the princess crown.

– Oh, darn.

Oh, darn! (laughs) – I get to wear it.

– It looks better on you, anyhow.

– Thank you.

(couple laughs) I have a bow on, anyways,so it's kind or awkward.

– It's funny, because hershopping cart is just, there's like a wholelist dedicated to tiaras.

– Yeah, my Amazon wishlist is just tiaras.

(Troy laughs) So, there's that.

Anyway, guys, thank youso much for watching.

Troy get his butt kicked.

(laughs) – This game was rigged, I was set up for failurefrom the start.

(laughs) – All this means isthat my boyfriend needs to buys me more makeup.

– I don't think that's the case.

– Leave a comment downbelow, if you agree.

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– Thank you.

– Later! – Bye! (upbeat music).

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