Best of Beauty 2016, Part 1: MAKE UP!! | Giugizu

Best of Beauty 2016, Part 1: MAKE UP!! | Giugizu

>> Hi giugizers and welcome back, or if it's your first time on my channel, hi and welcome my Christmas serie is officially over I hope you enjoyed it and that my videos kept you company throughout December but as I already told you I still have some videos to share If you are subscribed to my channel you'll know that every year, at the end of December I upload a Best of beauty video with all the beauty products I loved the most throughout the year If you like my monthly favourites videos you'll love this one even more because the products featured are the ones I've been using and testing in deep during the year and that I consider the best ones, But as I never managed to include all the products I wanted to this year I decided to divide my 2016 best of beauty in 3 parts Today , as you may have guessed by the title, I'll focus on make up Then I'll share the skincare favourites and the hair favourites So if you're looking for inspiration for your beauty purchases don't miss them and I think we should get started as I have a ton of stuff to show you so make yourself comfortable, grab a drink, relax and let's jump into it I'm going to start with foundations, BB creams, CC creams, tinted moisturizers or however you call them and I tell you straight away that I didn't manage to narrow down to one product, so I'll show you 3 but they are quite different one from the other.

First of all I would like to say, for the ones of you who are new, what kind of skin I have, because foundations are very personal and they are affected by your skin type, mine is a combination to oily skin, which means that I tend to be shiny in the T zone while other ares are more on the dry side so I need the right kind of foundation The first product that I'm going to share was featured both in my 2015 and 2014 best of beauty videos so I think it's safe to say that it's my all times favourite foundation and it's Make up Forever Mat Velvet + FYI I have n.

35 and I love this foundation because it offers a great coverage it covers all the imperfections and it has a matt finish that looks natural nontheless and it doesn't make my T zone shiny at all it's easy to blend in, it's nice to use, it has a good coverage matt finish, yet natural, what else should I ask for? nothing and in fact it's my all times favourite.

The second favourite is by Laura Mercier and I discovered it quite recently, let's say 3 months ago something like that but it was love right from the start and that's why I'm featuring it in my best of beauty it's Laura Mercier Silk Crème moisturizing photo edition foundation.

The difference is that it's not matt, but not to shiny either it's not shiny at all TBH, but it's luminous it has a natural finish, with a hint of light in it which gets along well with my oily T zone it lasts a long time, once again it's a cream foundation just like the first one, I don't know if I told you, they are both cream foundations easy to apply, with a good coverage and that's why I'm recommending it Mine is in medium ivory.

The last one is not a foundation, but a tinted moisturizer and it's again by Laura Mercier it's the oil free tinted moisturizer with SPF 20 I love this kind of products mainly in summer when I prefer lighter products and I love this one because it has a great coverage while usually BB creams/ CC creams/ tinted moisturizers are super light in coverage I love it, I used it throughout all Summer but I also like to add a drop to my foundations to make them less heavy so I really recommend it, I'm still using it this way, by blending it with my regular foundations Ok, those were my favourite foundations, now let's talk about concealers.

Once again I selected 2, one it's high end so a bit more pricy while the other one it's easier to get and it's less expensive the first one was for sure featured in some other best of beauty and it's Maybelline age rewinder I really like it, I've been using it for years sometimes I leave it aside to try new products but I always come back to it in fact I think I included it in my November or October favourites the peculiarity is that it has a sponge on top which is super up to date as everything seems to have a built in sponge nowadays you turn it to get the product and then it's easy to apply, it covers every imperfection, dark circles, spots, pimples but without being cackey or heavy so the age rewinder for me it's a staple and once again it made it into the best of beauty the second one is another great classic of mine and it's Nars creamy concealer as you can see it has a classic wand once again it offers a good coverage but with a natural finish mine is in light honey while the age rewinder it's in.

Let's see if I can find it I can't find it.

No wait, it's in nude, ok I said everything so 2 concealers let's move on and I'll try to feature the products in the order I apply them in order not to forget any of them eye primer I use it everyday and I have to say that this year it was hard to find the best one because for many years I always used the Urban Decay one, which is actually back the eyeshadow primer potion in Eden, the tinted one but during this year they changed the formula the packaging is different and the product is different too and in my opinion it's not as good as before I tried some other ones, the Nars one and the Benefit one but in the end this is still the one that works better for me during the year I changed my mind several times but the one that makes my eyeshadow last longer is still this one, even if I wish they didn't change the formula.

So Urban Decay Eyeshadow primer potion in Eden Setting Powder Once again I selected two but they are slightly different the first one is the loose setting powder translucent by Laura Mercier so a translx.

Translucent? transparent.

Well whatever as you can see it's a super fine powder that you apply with your brush I like it because it sets the make up without being cackey, it's not too matt, as it adds an hint of light but not too much, I manily use it in Summer but it's perfect in Wintertime too, it depends on how my skin is feeling the second powder that I selected is by Hourglass by the way I wanted to let you know that I recently found out that Sephora now finally carries Hourglass too such a lovely surprise because I love this brand and until a few weeks ago it was impossible to buy it in Italy but I found it in my Sephora store it's not yet available online, but I hope they will add it soon my favourite powder it's the ambient lighting powder in dim light the peculiarity is that it's a luminous powder so it sets the make up but at the same time it adds some light that makes the skin look younger and healthier so this is difference with the Laura Mercier one and that's why I had to feature both Let's move to the next item, which is bronzer once again I selected 2 very different ones.

the first ons is this by Marc Jacobs it's called omega bronze in 102 Tantric and I'll start by saying.

How satisfying is this big packaging? and inside there's a lot of product I love this bronzer because it's very natural so while sometimes blending in the brozer is a bit challenging this glides on smoothly, it's light and easy to blend in and very natural I rediscovered it recently I used to love it, but then I left it aside for a while but then it ended in this year's best of beauty, because it deserves to be in it! The second one is very different and it's again by Hourglass and it's the Ambient Lighting bronzer in luminous bronze light once again it's part of the ambient lighting line which means it's a luminous bronzer I don't know if you can see it but inside it has some kind of tiny crystals that brighten up the skin it's a bit darker and less blendable than the Marc Jacobs one but it adds a beam of light that in my opinion makes a difference today I'm wearing it, even if probably with all my lights you can't really see it anyway it ended up in my best of beauty too which means I trurly loved it.

now let's move to blushes, I selected 2 similar yet different as you will see, this is the first one it's Pixi by Petra Sheer cheek gel as you may have understood it's a gel blush I love this creamy blushes a lot, or in general I prefer them to the powder ones because they last longer and they are a bit more intense and if you follow me you'll know that I love bold blushes, almost like a little mountain girl and this one works perfectly I particularly like in in Wintertime because I chose a quite dark shade and more suitable for Winter and I like it because it's long lasting and intense and the same can be said about this Sephora one that was released this year and it's part of the wonderful cushion line that was released at the beginning of Summer by Sephora and the peculiarity is that is has a built in cushion that makes it super easy to apply the product without using a brush or your hands I love it more during the Summer because once again it's long lasting and intense but the shade, which in my case it's raspberry splash, it's a bit brighter than the Pixi by Petra one but I loved both a lot.

Ok, the last step as far as the face is concerned then we'll move to the eyes it's the highlighter and here it won, hands down, without a doubt Becca's Champeign.


sjsjsjs champagne pop Will I manage to say it? is that the name? Shimmering Skin perfector, champagne pop, I thought that was the name, by Becca A brand that I don't think it's available in Italy, which is a big pity I hope we'll soon have it just like Hourglass, but if it's available and you know where I can buy it leave a comment because I'm very interested here it is , it's an amazing highlighter it stands out and I love bold highlighters A good highlighter should be make your cheekbones pop not like other ones that are barely visible by the way it's also perfect to use on your eyes I usually apply it under my browbones, on my cheeckbones and in the inner corners of my eyes because it adds a beam of light, that definitely stands out so this time I have selected only one product, but it's an amazing one since I got I can't do without Good, now let's move to the eyes and I think we should start with eyeshadows I love Sephora eyeshadows in general they have a good quality/price ratio and I love both the single packs than the palettes Anyway I'm going to show you 2 palettes this is the first one, it's the colorful 5 by Sephora and my favourite is the Sunrise to Sunset bronze one, which has all brown and golden shades They are well pigmented I've been using them all year around and I think I featured it in my 2015 best of beauty too because I really love it I had to include another palette too, even if it's impossible to buy it in Italy I bought it at the beginning of the year in Miami and it's the Lorac gold once again it's in the shades of gold, brown and a pink too it's quite similar to the Urban Decay Naked 3, which almost made in into this video, but I didn't want to feature too many eye palettes and I had to include this one because these are the most pigmented eyeshadows I ever tried we talked about eyeshadows now let's talk about mascara even if probably I should talk about eyeliners first but I'll stick to mascaras, I have 2 once again the first one is without any doubt Benefit Roller Lash at the beginning I was a bit skeptical, because I didn't get it straight away then I discovered that it's one of those mascaras that work better after a little while at the beginning it was bit too liquid, while with time it became perfect the wand is bended, which is my favourite shape, because it adds volume and length to the lashes it has some stiff plastic bristles that separate, lenghtens and volumizes the lashes so it's just perfect as far as I'm concerned the second one is a bit less expensive and it's by Covergirl, I bought it in the U.


if I'm not wrong but I found out that yu can buy it on Amazon too in fact I featured it in one of my monthly favourites videos too it's the clump crasher water resistant The wand is very similar to the roll lash one it's bended with the stiff plastic bristles it's a bit chubbier and in fact it adds a bit more volume I loved both a lot, so I recommend them both and they both are in my best of beauty.

Ok, now let's move to the eyeliner I only have one, because it's the one I've been using throughout the year I tried some other ones but in my opinion this is the easiest to use and it's Sephora Fine line I find it the easiest to use because it has this super thin felt tip that allows trace a very precise line it glides on smoothly, it very pigmented so it has all the characteristics I love the most in an eyeliner Eyeliners are hard to apply in general if we choose a challenging one it may be a nightmare and sometimes we need to remove all the makeup right at the end which is super annoying so Sephora Fine line what else is missing? The eyebrows! I used to feature Anastasia Beverly hills Brow duo that I'm still loving nontheless, but this year there's a new entry Charlotte Tilbury brow lift Once again, I'm sorry because it's a brand hard to find in Italy, I bought mine in the U.


I choose the shade Cara, inspired by the model , Cara Delevingne it's a brow pencil, on one side it has a spooler to brush the brows and on the other side it has the product, by twisting you get the tip which is slant and it makes it super easy to fill in the brows so my favourite brow product for 2016 is this one.

The last product of the 2016 best of beauty it's a make up setting spray which is essential, especially if you need your make up to last throughout the day my favourite one is Urban Decay All nighter it's a subtle spray, that sets the make up and makes it last a lot longer there's not much more to say because it does exactely what it's meant to be doing It really makes the make up last longer, it's oil free, you spray it on your face it dries quickly and sets your make up.

Yasss, we reached the end , let me check yes I showed you everything those were my favourites make up products of 2016 I hope you enjoyed this video and that it was useful to you if you had some doubts maybe my quick reviews helped you make up your mind if so don't forget to give the video a thumbs up share and favourite it if you wish and if you haven't yet subscribe in order not to miss any new video or project that's it for today, I send you a big kiss and I'll see you soon with a new video, ciao.

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