BEAUTY IS LIFE Tutorial – How to: Choose the right BEAUTY IS LIFE eyeshadow

BEAUTY IS LIFE Tutorial – How to: Choose the right BEAUTY IS LIFE eyeshadow

BEAUTY IS LIFE is Beatrix Isabel Lied.

On her in-house produced YouTube channel, the beauty expert shares professional tips for make-up, styling and skin on a weekly basis.

BIL: „Hello beloved beauty fans.

I am happy that my guest is Alina today.

” Alina: “Hello, Beatrix.

” BIL: “Hello, Alina.

Nice to have you here.

Alina, you’ve got a special question today, right?” Alina: “Right.

I would like to know which eyeshadow color matches my blue eyes.

” BIL: “Ah, what a good question.

I’ll extend the question: The eyeshadow should not only match your eye color but also the color of your hair and your eyebrows, of course.

Eyebrows, hair, eyes, complexion: all these parts of your face are important when choosing colors, as they are all different and have different colors.

And so is every eyeshadow.

Fortunately, there’s a logic: If the eyeshadow matches your own features – then it repeats itself, and your eyes and everything look so much better and emphasized.

This means, we’re using cool tones for you, as you’re a cold type – don’t get me wrong, I mean in terms of color: Your hair is more Swedish-blonde than orange-red.

” Alina: “Totally.

” BIL: “That’s why we’re using cool shades, I heard you’re still going to school and as you're a young girl, maybe your parents have a say in terms of make-up, too.

I guess they’re not happy if Alina is going to school with smokey eyes.

” Alina: “Yeah, you’re right.

” BIL: “Fine.

Anyways it would be too much for your eyes.

Okay, let’s move to the make-up spot, I already chose two different eyeshadows for you.

The first one is called “rex” – it’s a nude-grey shiny color, the second one is a little bit darker.

I’ll show you how to apply them properly.

” Alina: “Okay.

” BIL: “Alina, these are the colors I chose for you.

On the left side, I have the shade “rex”- we’ll apply that on the whole lid.

The shade on the right side is called “vega” – with this shade we can create depth in your eyes.

And we've got an brush, the eyeshadow brush number 1301.

This brush Is perfect for both shades, first to apply the lighter shade on the whole lid and second the darker shade in the crease.

” Alina: “Thank you so much for your tips, Beatrix.

My eyes look like they’re sparkling.

” BIL: “I’m very happy with the outcome – your eyes look very good and I guess our viewers think that as well.

Do you want to say goodbye with me?” Alina: “Yes!” BIL: “See you next week, bye!”.

Source: Youtube