That's up guys? Nicole Skyes is.

And welcome to another episode of It is a beauty trick or crazy? Where I try strange beauty tricks and see if they work effectively.

Or if you are totally crazy.

Yes, I escuchastes correctly.

We are resurrectando trick or crazy.

Surely I'll be doing one a week, we'll see how it goes.

If you're part of the group og Skye you would know that these were the first types of videos I've done ever since two years ago.

Also I have a playlist, if you want to review all my tricks or crazy.

Today we will try to trick a Korean ice water.

So the Korean trick is that basically do all over your face, your concealer, your foundation and your contour.

Then you cover your face with baby powder and then stick your face in ice water for thirty seconds.

What is supposed to do this is that it helps your makeup last all day without your face put greasy.

Sounds weird, let's try it.

So for the first part of my foundation cream I've been using it as a moisturizer.

It is cosmetic and is called "confidence in a cream".

So I've been using this for a month and really my skin has never felt better.

I really love this thing so much.

My foundation to use Urban Decay Naked Skin, in tone 3.


I've been using this for almost a year.

I love him, I love him, I love him.

So now that we apply that I will use my concealer Tarte.

I like big dark circles and this helps a lot.

Hidden stuff.

Lately I've been using the kit contour eye cream Anasazi in a clear tone.

and truth has certainly been liking me.

You know? Sometimes I have bad days where it seems that boundary had a helmet.

Sometimes I have my good morning, so hopefully today is one of those.

I like to do high contours, I like to keep a little higher on my cheeks.

So I put under the chin because my chin is not very pronounced.

So often it seems to have double chin.

And this thing really helps accentuate my chin.

that I do not have.

And then usually use a brush to the contour of the nose but I'm too lazy to stop and look So I'll use my finger.

Ok, so now that it has been applied let's get baby powder on your face.

And I think what I'll do is squeeze it and let it fall on my face.

That sounded horrible.

Hold your breath.

Oh you also want to use baby powder not containing talc.

Alejate talc, talc is bad for you.

Ok, ready? Three, two, one.


Nothing happened, and goes.

Ah, it was not open, my god.

This will be very disastrous.

Three, two, one.

Three, two, one.

Not if I did that well.

Oh my god, I can not open my eyes.

That was sure a bad idea, gave me right in the eye, right eye.


esperense, let me remove it from my eyes.

I feel like an archaeologist dusting a mummy.

I'm afraid to open my eyes, I do not want you to put me in the eyes.

Most were me shirt Look.


Now my shirt will look good and my pants too.

Oh my God, my ear.

I look so dusty! I'm so dusty! So now'll get you ice water and basically will sink my face for thirty seconds.

Ok I have my water and have another camera placed down there.

Ready? I'll sink my face.

for thirty seconds.


So now you want to rub your face slightly.

No Jalen down, drag, nothing like that.

I have to dust in his mouth.

Now that all the dust has been removed.

You can see it in the water as it falls from my face which is rare.

I rubbed my face with this towel, rub, rub.

and almost no makeup on her at all.

So, just rubbing, no foundation has been removed which is a good sign.

And then, looking at my face, my makeup looks great.

If I notice a little dust remains here, and it is next to my nose.

Aside from that side of my nose looks pretty good, too my ear still has a lot of dust inside.

So guys, this is a trick or crazy? I think it's a trick, would have to try it during the day, not that such would look like after six hours.

I'm sure it would look good, my face feels weird.

I think this would work if you have oily skin.

So I do not finish my makeup today because I will become an artificial tan for the first time in my life.

It is very exciting so I'm going to take this and go to tanning.

Wish me luck, boys.

Let me know in the comments below if pensastes this is a gimmick or if pensastes is crazy.

And let me know about any beauty tip you should try down in the comments.

You may use your comment in my next video.

I love them guys, I hope you enjoyed it and I'll see in my next video.

Chao guys.

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