Beauty Empties (Makeup)☆空っぽビデオ コスメ(日本語字幕)

Beauty Empties (Makeup)☆空っぽビデオ コスメ(日本語字幕)

Hello everyone! It is empty video third stage today.

This is the cosmetics ☆ The first is from Mary Kay of CC cream! This is the color of the Very Light.

It was bought at the same time as the sale.

It was originally released in three different colors I think that certainly now had four colors.

When I saw the last to sell was a four-color.

Surprised even honest myself, was quite like it.

This color is rarely cover force pretty yellow is strong.

SPF15 and it's not so high But it is enough to human life style, such as my place to answer the occasional veranda and are in the indoor usual.

It is just right for people who often spend the time indoors to everyday use.

Hard because there is no much There is also a cover force sunscreen effect It was very easy If you're using so good to not rub the skin.

It was very convenient for that greased little bit in such a good day even without a decent makeup.

In the feeling specific feeling that contains sunscreen to Tinto emulsion Slightly a cover force is fine moisturizing power is high.

It does not recommend the oily skin because quite moisturizing power is high.

But we are considering the repeater so surprising was loved extent myself.

This corner, as can be seen to take a look ran out and cut with scissors.

This is because the pump was broken, but had been used almost normally during the period of use.

While your next product I think I mentioned earlier DB color of (Designer Brand) Whipped Mineral Cream Shadow is a Mushroom.

The color is very beautiful color.

This can also be attached only to a pom-pom in a very easy to finger.

Is the finish to firm eyes to not spend the time.

This is goodbye Now that we have the texture is changed to have to not do but dry run out.

Because I really like is in here also repeater study.

Next up is the cosmetics used up completely.

This is Majolica Majorca slim eyebrow pencil.

The color is BR660 (ash brown).

But about this we talked many times This eyebrow pencil thin draw slim in a very affordable price! Absolutely re-purchased in Japan! ! Anyway, I love! It's affordable is sure to continue to be buying in the future.

It is very good quality eyebrow.

Eyebrow mascara of Fashio also ran out.

(Suffering from brand name pronunciation of Fashio) But I do not know gone hoarse trade name! w Eyebrow mascara color of (sports Beauty) is the BR301.

The nice thing about this is the shape of the brush, such as this little toothbrush.

It has been quite different from the typical eyebrow mascara brush, such as a mascara brush.

It is very unique.

It is very good that mascara is not too attached themselves in when put to the eyebrows! Great! The color was also good.

But it also had eyebrow mascara of other manufacturers There are two years ago that had been addicted to lighten the color of the eyebrow The color of the hair itself of the eyebrow is a now began to seem as Ya good remains of natural hair.

This is a person completely mat is good because it contains a pearl, please note.

Next up is the not empty but is the point Buhler of CANMAKE.

This was the most ridiculous tools can not be used anymore Hon' long ago.

The idea is was thought that good, but in fact was a tool such useless.

Did you mean I wonder if my usage is wrong? If this is said in those who have seen this! When I think people, please let us know by all means! ! Since the point Buhler is be using to function properly This is What a useless.

Next is Maybelline HyperSharp Winged Eyeliner.

So it pink cap.

I like it very much! Maybe this is it is two eyes.

This is also enough use was I better eyeliner of Physicians Formula I think that I can use longer.

I guess Why? This was not quite COOL because I want Tsu base brush is flat.

And ultra-fine line sink if used on its side Since can be subtracted thick line in a different surface can thickness control of.

It's good I it.

Master is good more towards here of Precise.

But is it good to have more of Physicians Formula Eye Booster.

Physicians Formula is I'm pretty price is I'm an increase is in the eye liner.

So easy to use It's also good to dark coloring has I think that is worth of its price.

But I want a further affordable eyeliner! To those who say that is here it is recommended! In the eyeliner love also REVLON ColorStay Eyeliner.

This is gray.

The color names is charcoal.

This is remains a little bit, but I have quite dry.

Please look.

I have dry enough to not draw anymore or that most.

Until of course to dry you, but it was easy to draw in a creamy goodbye dries up here.

In particular, it is like to use the inside line When it becomes a little too prime With black inside the Because not too strong as black to almost the same effect as the black if gray It is recommended, for example, when too tight that it is black.

Here Remember me What is the name of the star Wars version of the package.

mascara? ? w CoverGirl The Super Sizer Mascara.

This I did not leave so much love.

Things such as the comb of the eye without 's hair or rather hair that is attached to the brush If there some that are not in place there originally to be This very soft brush is.

The other really do meaning unknown.

Much laugh anymore.

Certainly length also out also volume.


But I was not me, "Sugoi!".

Also aware this mascara that a popular.

Certainly work is in.

But excitement did not.

You might minority Not a favorite with the feeling unsatisfactory but was not bad as honest impressions.

It's BB cream bought in Japan This is BB cream Kanebo fretting shell white C.

This has gotten out of print, but here is a mini size.

The color is natural beige.

Talk about items that do not fit in the other hand the meaning is, but I do not like because it is not so much But because this was really like I would try to find an alternative to this product in Japan! Line itself of this fretting shell still exists but this BB cream seems Out of print.

The nice thing about this is PA ++ with SPF41.

This is when there is a best cover force in using up to now, and is the bright color of the BB cream.

But it is difficult I color of BB cream? BB cream I've tried until now, or even in CC cream Not hard to find me yellow tint, and brightness fit in my skin color Very pink-ish thing many, those several steps darker than my skin color is also the color of the "lighter" many This is an alternative to this product is found will soon also pleased to report because it was quite close to uncommon my skin color.

The last color Tattoo cream shadow of Maybelline.

The color is Bold Gold.

Use I was not quite like try it Well fast that early that a dry.

When the results in dry, no longer the color other colors are also perfectly in It is another life When this happens will come to feel worn out collapse.

So it does not mean that empty.

I liked.

I was like when I was used properly, will do and say, what But high price is in the split so had to dry fairly quickly! I you have any thought.

Furthermore container in the heavy glass But the actual amount of eye shadow and say when do you understand? this part.

This thickness I know all glass.

Not at all entered products in this thickness part.

The that contains the product is from here to here.

Is not it a little fraud Ppoku? The actual contents of the amount is small.

But because it would dry as soon as I can Cosmetics itself is usable period is short but it is excellent.

This price considering the amount of contents and use period I think that is too high.

With respect to color tattoo is honest impression is that "not so good".

Color expansion is not a cosmetics that should have always is great.

Recent empty video is now complete.

Recently many large quantity disposed of goods, it is lip and especially cosmetics, say more detail.

It was disposed of because the expiration date has been or off.

Somehow it has been driven by the impulse of "I want to be surrounded only to their favorite things!" Commodity Ya who was not abandoned somehow until now Toka because items that do not fit in the other hand The ones who were not thrown away Toka because Cosmetics was bought by travel destination Without having me this look like I think also be nice, but Well this is I know another story I think I should make even the video now of cosmetics collection if there are those who are interested.

Please let us know in the comments is anyone who wants to see! Would I enjoy this long series? We hope to reference.

Let's see you in the next video!.

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