BEAUTY EMPTIES #18 | Korean Skincare, Makeup, & Haircare Review

BEAUTY EMPTIES #18 | Korean Skincare, Makeup, & Haircare Review

today we're going to be talking empties I have a lot of products in front of me so let's get right into it first we have a lip and eye remover from Aritaum and it is the Poyoan and I think this won the blind test at Get It Beauty I don't remember but it's a very very good product.

After finishing this, I wanted to give the April skin magic All Kill Lip and Eye Remover a chance, but I don't understand the hype for this and to be completely honest with you I just don't like how this stings my eye area so i'm going to stop using this and I'm going to go purchase this again because it's seriously the best lip and eye remover I have two cosrx products and the first one is not going to be a surprise it is the one-step pimple clear pads this have made it to so many of my empties videos because I use this every single day and my brother loves it as well It's a great product that will prep your skin for all the other skincare products that you're about to use and it will remove all the extra makeup that your cleanser couldn't remove or forgot to remove and it exfoliates so I highly want to recommend this one The second cosrx product is the ultimate moisturizing honey overnight mask this is one of my favorite sleeping masks ever because my skin looks very bright and moisturized the next morning so definitely want to recommend it I'm currently using the newly packaged one because cause represented to me I like this one so much better because it has more and also it is more sanitary because I don't have to open it and scoop it all up and they also sent me the ultimate nourishing rice one and I'm slowly starting to like this one more than the honey one we'll see i'll keep you updated I have two products from glow recipe and the first one is the artichoke power essence and i really like this essence because it feels like a emulsion it's not as watery as the usual essences that I use, but it just made it very convenient because after using toner I went with this and then the sun block and then I used foundation over it so it really sped up my morning routine and I'm done with this I'm kind of sad but I have way too many essences to repurchase this but maybe in the future.

I also finished the Blithe press serum crystal ice plant and I know this is a very popular one I think they sell this on Sephora I forget, but i love how cooling this is and this says it's a serum, but again like the artichoke power essence I don't follow up with a moisturizer afterwards because it's much thicker than your usual serum so definitely a great product that i liked using at night because when i used it in the morning I've noticed that the foundation wouldn't apply as smoothly, but yeah, every time I use this the next morning my redness kind of cool down and yeah, i really really like this one as well.

I have a sheet mask and this is the Leaders Amazonian Acai anti-pollution mask.

I know a lot of you guys were kind of disappointed when I filmed my top 10 sheet mask video because leaders wasn't on it but after using this i fell in love.

I guess it's because it was hydrogel I don't really like cotton sheet mask because i can't really tell the difference, but with this hydro mask I noticed that my skin was so smooth afterwards and it was a very cool product to use so highly want to recommend the leaders sheet mask – the hydrogel one! Another type of mask is this heating eye mask.

It was a gift from a subscribers so thank you! It was very warm and it really relaxed me before going to bed and because it's a mask I didn't have to worry about the screens and the blue lights that you know usually keep me awake so I would recommend using eye masks because you'll fall asleep a lot quicker.

I have three browcaras.

The Etude House, Ssinstealer, and Apieu.

I did not like Etude House one because it was a diamond shape and it was really hard for me to apply my browcara so this is actually not an empty I'm just tossing it because I just never use it the color is so pretty though but again i just did not like the applicator so I wouldn't really recommend it maybe it's just my eyebrow shape maybe you might like it but I personally didn't like it.

I have the ssinstealer one here which I loved and the Apieu one is actually my favorite because i love how thin the applicator is and it's very easy to control.

Right now because I'm done using these three I've have been using the face shop designing browcara which isn't bad and finally I some shower products here i have the jungle botanics forest leaves cooling shampoo and this is my all-time favorite shampoo because it's so cooling on the scalp and it's very relaxing whenever I use it.

So I'm really sad that i finished using it, but I'm probably gonna have to get another one because i want to film my top 10 hair products video so stay tuned for that but yeah definitely a great shampoo I know it comes with a conditioner it's a warming conditioner and that works really well with this so if you want that warm and cool sensation definitely check out the shampoo and conditioner that wishtrend has Finally, we have a body wash from Skinfood.

This is the grapeseed oil body wash I actually have reviewed this in and empties video before when it was in a different packaging but i like this so much better because it comes in a pump last time I had to open it up and it was just this is just so much more convenient so face shop I mean not faceshop Skinfood have a great body washes but i think my all-time favorite ones my brother's all-time favorite ones come from Innisfree so we're not going to buy any more from skin-food we're just going to continue with the Innisfree body washes.

Alright, so that's it for today's empties video.

I hope you guys found this video helpful.

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