Beauty Busters: Poop or Woop? SLIME MAKEUP REMOVER! NataliesOutlet

Beauty Busters: Poop or Woop? SLIME MAKEUP REMOVER! NataliesOutlet

Hello there and welcome to Beauty Busters Where we test out internet beauty hacks and DIYs to see if they're poop, a whoop, or a maybe baby, meaning they may work for some people and may not work for other people.

today's beauty buster's we're doing something that is completely New to me I [search] this up on the [internet] I try to look for it everywhere and nobody had actually come up with this I didn't even come up with this my boyfriend came up with this basically was watching me take off my makeup and then he was Like what if someone created like a slime makeup remover, and I was like whoa That is such a neat idea cuz slime is awesome But I'm is kind of pointless like I could get it to do something awesome for me like take off my makeup video a thumbs up for really fun diys and hopefully Purposeful diys will actually help you on your everyday basis if you're really into beauty hacks make sure you follow me on Instagram because I'm currently doing a little series where I'm doing many videos on different beauty hacks I'm putting them to the test, but things that actually work, so you won't waste your time And let's say you want to do a really felica [sh] eyeliner or awesome foe freckles or something awesome like that I've got it for you.

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Let's get on into this video I deliver [a] research in like Scientific Knit and how this could actually be possible Maybe doing three different combinations See which one works the best and hopefully we can come up with like a bomb recipe to help you Create a really fun way to actually kick off your makeup the first one includes face wash just alone people have actually created Just slime with shampoos.

That's what we're going to be doing for the first combination and Face wash isn't that different from Shampoo the properties in it surprisingly aren't that different the second combination? Is a face wash with salt now benefits of salt are it has magnesium which helps retain moisture Salt won't actually wrinkle the skin after a long soak in water So this is kind of evidence that salt will help you retain that moisture.

There's also magnesium in here Which is really good fit insert combination.

We're trying out is face wash with makeup removing cream, so the three are officially here They're ready to go I've left them in the freezer for about 30 minutes each the consistency is not bad at all It's quite slimy.

The only issue.

I have with this one is it's not the kind of line that Doesn't unstick to you as you can see as far as these two their way to liquids, but I have a little bit lipstick Right here, and it's dried out I wanted to see how well this would work, so I'm just going to take a little glob of this Yeah, no Bar what's happening? Is the face wash is becoming slimy however after its out for like more than five minutes It's back to kind of just So fast forward after being depressed that this didn't work out and cuddling with my dog for strength and Glory I Decided I would do the number one thing.

I didn't want to do for this video, but I know that it would [work] Someone I know you can create fine with this elmer's glue.

I know I personally wouldn't want to put this on my face It says it's no hoax.

I don't know I don't know if I believe all that But I'm gonna try out because you know I've never known like can you remove your makeup with just slime? So we're gonna see so I've created slime Mind you this is not flying with Borax.

This is slime with salt foot [has] my dog hairs on it.

Oh This is not the slime with Borax This is a slime with salt and water, so this is what came about and now we're going to see if it works I'm seriously putting my faith in humanity to one day come up with something as cool as slime makeup remover I just think it's so awesome to remove your face under to try a little bit with this and we shell think Well a tissue does better than this yeah, all right I figured It doesn't remove your lipstick.

That's for sure Yeah, not really ready for the big reveal Doo-doo-doot-doot Hate to say won't work on the eyes.

You know.

It doesn't look like I'm trying anymore guys butts.

Just not work I Makeup and stuff on okay.


I remove some I know If you enjoy this idea of beauty buster's make sure you guys video a thumbs up um I'm actually really disappointed that this didn't work out it.

I felt like I had a lot of potential but No, if you want to go up to the challenge and create the very first diy slime makeup remover go for it and make sure you tag me and let me see the video because I would be dying to Just test it out like I really want to make this work if you'd like subscribe right down here and join the weirdest family on the internet watch my lost beauty busters and check out my blog channel and yeah, I'm gonna go cry and think more about this because awesome my.

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