Beauty Busters: Poop or Woop? SHAVING GEL REMOVES MAKEUP! NataliesOutlet

Beauty Busters: Poop or Woop? SHAVING GEL REMOVES MAKEUP! NataliesOutlet

Ola me gusta la frats no si gato meaning they may work for some people and they may not work for other people.

Today we are putting to the test.

SHAVING CREAM as makeup remover! Literally had me shook! I saw this on "MariaYBeauty" and I was like "What on Earth?.

This is awesome I always like alternatives, if I don't happen to have my makeup removing wipes with me and you know I have to use like water and scrub my face with soap.

I'd much rather just grab this and know that maybe I can use this! Who knows? We're gonna test it out! Comment below right now letting me know if you think this is gonna be a poop, a whoop, or a maybe-baby? If you enjoy these types of videos make sure you give this video a thumbs up and also if you're not already subscribed, subscribe to this channel.

And hit this little notification in case you're already subscribed so that you get notified of my uploads for more crazy content! Also on my Instagram I've been posting mini hack videos on daily basis to help you out! Yesterday I uploaded another beauty busters on my second channel and I basically tested out the boobie blender.

You guys ever heard of that? It's crazy! And the link for that video is gonna be down below! Lastly, I got a "PO Box"! I'm so excited, I'm gonna be doing an un-boxing video on my second channel so send me some love! And yeah, let's do this! So for this beauty busters what I did is I bought the exact same shaving cream that she got just so that I could really see if it works.

Sometimes they have different formulas so I got the Gillette Fusion Moisturizing.

I don't know this one, the orange one.

I'll put my hair back, I'm really excited about this.

Honestly, I think this is a really cool hack if it does work because I feel like sometimes you just forget your makeup wipes! Then you have to scrub with soap and water and that's like the worst you get so many wrinkles with that.

Plus this stuff is foamy, it's fun! Awesome! Alright, let's do this.

Do I have to shake this up? [music starts playing in background] Ooooh [music resumes] Oh, my gah.

Lawd, Jesus Christ.


That's alright.

I'll clean up later.

This is just gonna be fun.

Like if this honestly works, I might consider doing this, guys.


It smells so good.

Ah, I'm in Heaven.

This smells so good.

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