hey welcome back to my channel I hope your havin a great day so far so because i'm a big cheapo and I kind of keep mentioning that in all my videos I wanted to start making my videos revolve around drugstore makeup and kind of saving money is being frugal in makeup so for today's video I'm going to be comparing a high-end product versus a drugstore products the high-end product I picked is the twenty dollars name-brand beauty blender versus the elf 5 dollar beauty sponge now there are a lot of different knock offs of beauty sponges anywhere from elf to maybelline l'oreal through the Real Techniques have tons of different types of beauty sponges that compares to the Beautyblender so the elf makeup sponge is $5 the name brand beauty blender is $20 so technically the elf beauty sponge is a quarter of the price of this name brand beauty blender and for those who have never been in makeup spending twenty dollars on a dang sponge is kind of insane but for us in the makeup community we know that the Beautyblender is amazing it is amazing for blending out your makeup leaving this flawless finish and you can't see any streaks or any marks at all you are just looking flawless like Beyoncé even though the beauty blender claims to do all that stuff all the drugstore beauty sponges including this one claims do the exact same but as we know in the makeup world a lot of products are awesome and a lot of products kind of suck so i'm gonna be putting these two products to the test today side by side i'm going to put on my foundation on one side of my face using the name brand beauty blender which is twenty dollars and then i'm going to apply my foundation on the other side of my face using at the knockoff Beautyblender the beauty sponge by elf with five dollars then we're going to compare see what it looks like at the end to see if it's worth splurging and spending twenty dollars on the beauty blender or if you should save your money and spend just five dollars on a knockoff beauty sponge but as always if you liked this video please give me a thumbs up that way I know y'all are liking this style video I personally love these because i love saving my money myself so I know y'all probably love saving your money too if you can and also leave me a comment down below there's any other makeup products you would like me to review and don't forget to subscribe so you don't miss out on seeing be any of my other sassy southern videos so let's get straight into that beauty blender beauty sponge makeup comparison review alright so now we are obviously zommed in you can see i'm going to get closer with my foundation is going to look like I'm over what these sponges feel like in my hands first before i start applying my foundation so neither of these are damped yet I did want to try to feel them and talk here what they feel like before actually start applying my foundation so you know a little bit more about the product so as you can tell by these Beauty Blender sponge product i have used both of these before i have read online sometimes for a beauty sponge you are supposed to break it in and by that you're supposed to use it for a week or two and then the beauty sponge really starts to work well becomes sometimes beauty sponges definitely the knockoff ones can be a little bit harder and not as soft when you first get them so i wanted you really give both of these chance but feeling in my hands so far the beauty blender does feel a little bit softer than the elf beauty sponge it's not that big of a difference then a little bit noticeable I wanted to hold these up so you can see them side by side of these Beauty sponges today so the beauty blender right here has a little bit more of a point then the elf beauty sponge does but both of them do have a nice point at the top they are about the same size but this is dry i'm going to go to dampen these and i will be right back so now they are as dampened as you can see they have grown a little bit in size the elf one grew kind of a lot larger in size than the Beautyblender one did but i will start applying these on my face so we can see what they do but before I do that I'm going to put on some of my mickey ears so I get my hair on my face and was really like Disney so that's just me trying to put a Disney reference in my video oh sorry sorry if you didn't already i don't know about any makeup products besides my brows right now because I didn't want to come on camera with some scraggly looking brows no thank you but I did my primer and moisturizer already so i'm going to get straight into applying my foundation going to start applying my foundation on this side of my face using any name brand beauty blender I'm not going to spend too much time explaining what the Beautyblender does because we all know here in the makeup community that the Beautyblender does amazing things for blending out your makeup and making it look good but its twenty dollars so hints the comparison video and i am applying my Maybelline fit me matte plus poreless because you know this is my favorite foundation of life yet but as you can see it applies really nicely and it does have this nice point up here which is really nice for getting around areas like my brow and getting it up into my hairline without getting my foundation that much into my hair and it's also good for under eye area like this getting your foundation of under here in real-time that didn't even take five minutes for me to apply my foundation it went on super easy i just put it on the bottom part on my Beauty Blender and just dabbed it all in there we are looking good so far now i'm going to go in with my elf beauty sponge to see how this does compared to the Beautyblender side I what I just don't feel a little bit softer now that it is dampened before I was a little bit scared because if you're all about course compared to beauty blender which is super super soft but now it does feel a little bit better so let's see how this does I was kind of afraid feeling with a rock on my skin because you know the beauty blender is like really soft nice angel kisses on your face which is why a lot of us love it and blend the foundation great and it feels really nice but this one does feel really soft too I wouldn't quite say angel kisses like beauty blender but still really nice but for size-wise so far i can tell you i do like the Beautyblender a little bit better this elf beauty sponge to get a little bit larger so its a little bit harder to work with because I mean my face isn't that big and circle right here at the bottom which is supposed to be for the blending out side if kind of large but we do at this point here which I'm going to grab a little bit of foundation and start going to town on my under eyes now okay so you'll get under the eyes nicely I do wish the point was a little bit longer if that makes sense and it's kind of stubby so you do have have to get in there a little bit more than with the beauty blender but it feels nice which is good got to blend down to the neck no foundation lines pretty close here i can't really see any streakiness or anything at the beauty blender left of the elf beauty sponge left what I think we do it pretty good the only tiny spot i'm seeing is right here on the very inner part of my nose almost like not noticeable so it really isn't that bad I didn't quite get the foundation and there that well because the elf beauty sponge doesn't have that sharp of a tip so i'm going to apply the rest of my face and i will be right back with my final thoughts now i am back with a full face I just wanted to kind of go with the neutral eye and a bold lip today let me know what yo think I'm kind of loving it so when examining my foundation a little bit closer i really didn't see any flaws besides that one portion around my nose that was due to the elf beauty sponge not getting in there good enough but then I just kind of touched it up and it was fine but if this had a little bit more of a point that wasn't a problem so the only problem we really ran into with this five-dollar elf beauty sponge they're still damp and feeling them the texture is about the same they're both pretty soft which is amazing considering this one fifteen dollars less but when this does drive it is pretty course so definitely if you plan on picking up his elf beauty sponge make sure you're dampening your beauty sponge before applying your foundation because this thing is like a rock when it is not dampened this beauty blender is always so soft we all know here in a beauty community that this beauty blender is amazing its blends in your foundation flawlessly its like angel kisses on your face when you're dabbing it in there so you're really not technically ever beating your face because it's so soft so my final thoughts are yes this beauty blender is a little bit better but it's also fifteen dollars more than this one I was say to buy the beauty blender over the elf beauty sponge just because this one is a little bit better but with Beauty blenders you're supposed to replace them every two to three months because in a sponge it does absorb things and using it for longer than three months gets a little bit icky even if you wash it every single time after you use it if this was a makeup brush that you could use basically for forever if you took care of it and it was 15 more than this one I would say for sure to go with the Beautyblender hands down but because you do have to replace this one every two to three months I'm kind of leaning towards the elf beauty sponge does get a little bit big but it's really not that bad and yeah the point I wish was a little bit more defined but again it's really not that bad yeah it's not perfect like the Beautyblender but it is 15 dollars less so if you do want to save fifteen dollars go have a really nice beauty sponge go with the elf one but if you want to be absolutely perfect thing hands down go with the Beautyblender this one I am going to leave totally up to personal preference if it was me though i buy knock-off because not only is this beauty sponge really great there are other really good makeup brands that makes great knockoff beauty blenders real techniques also have some amazing beauty sponges that I love with are really nice for blending out your foundation and are also around the like 5 7 8 dollar range too but still not trying to knock my Beauty Blender I love this thing I am going to use this as long as I possibly can because the Beautyblender is the most perfect beauty sponge but i have ever used the shape is lovely it's always really soft it's just we're good friends but the beauty blender is 15 more than the elf beauty sponge so because i am the big cheapo and the frugal person that I am I am probably going to be sticking to the knockoff else beauty sponge our this is all for this beauty blender showdown Beautyblender review of the high-end twenty beauty blender reverses the drugstore elf beauty sponge for five hours I hope you enjoied playing with the new makeup tools with me today i love doing these high-end vs drugstore makeup reviews this once is a little bit different because I do actually really love both of these it just comes down to price more than anything else because both of these are really great leave me a comment down below if you have tried both of these and which one you like little bit better or if you have tried a totally different beauty sponge and you like that one a lot better than either of these I would love to know your thoughts as always thank you so much for watching i love you so much and i will see you on my next video.

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