Beauty and The Beast Makeup (Featuring Husband MIke!)

Beauty and The Beast Makeup (Featuring Husband MIke!)

As you guys know I’m a huge fan of Disney and recently the movie Beauty and The Beast just came out and oh my gosh it was lovely.

So, everyone on Youtube is doing the Beauty and The Beast makeup tutorial.

So i thought this is my chance and my excuse to wear a princess costume again! This is my Belle inspired makeup look and i really like it.

So I can’t wait to show you guys how this is done.

This entire look is actually done with only NYX makeup products and as you guys know i always love NYX makeup products, because they are so pigmented they are really dramatic and the best thing of all is that they are really affordable with a huge variety of products.

It’s really exciting because i’m gonna be showing you guys new products that are actually not in the market yet.

At the end of the tutorial, I am actually gonna be changing into my Belle signature yellow gown.

I actually managed to force mike to wear a prince costume so that you know, we can take a nice photoshoot together and i think it’ll be really cool.

I'm so excited.

So make sure you stay till the end because at the end there’s a little surprise and very few beauty youtubers will actually show you this but i will because I’m awesome.

Okay first step is primer.

Next step I’m gonna be putting on my new favourite foundation which is the NYX Total Control Drop foundation.

because it’s very very smooth and very pigmented.

Thing I like about the drop foundation is that it’s not like super thick and cakey.

So it’s like very watery and I’m quite happy with it so i don’t think i’ll be putting any concealer.

In the movie Emma Watson kind of has really dark brows to match her dark brown hair.

I also love it that it has the brush at the back.

I’m gonna be contouring my face.

I’m gonna be using this shade of brown from the NYX Perfect Filter palette.

It’s technically an eyeshadow but i think it works because it’s actually a matte colour.

Emma watson kind of has a really strong chin so you can kind of emphasise that by putting some contour here.

Using the same shade of brown, I’m now going to contour my nose.

I think at the sides of your nose, it’s better to use a rounder brush like that.

And then for the tip it’s actually better to use a slanted brush like that.

I’m gonna be putting some of this on my philtrum as well.

Now I'm gonna do the under eye bags because she has that whole like poor me my father was caught take me as prisoner instead kind of like sad look.

Okay I look sufficiently sad.

I have some new highlighters here that I've never tried before so i’m gonna try this one.

*gasp* ah~ ah~ ah~ ah~ This is very shiny I love it.

And girls this is one you enchant a prince – by blinding him.

So that he can’t see all your flaws.

All he sees is this dazzling cheek.

Who’s gonna look at saggy boobs when you have this highlighter on? Next i’m gonna be doing my blush and since I think I’ll be going for a burgundy look I will be using this NYX Sweet Cheeks blush palette.

It has basically all the colours you will ever need.

I am gonna be using this colour which I've never tried before but I hope that it works out well.

Good, good, good this is exactly the colour that I wanted.

I wonder how come sometimes ang moh got the red colour cheeks like it’s just natural? Their blood vessels burst or what ah? Like Tom Wellington.

His face always like super red.

Regardless, I will try to achieve it.

Next, we go on to the eyeshadow, I'm gonna be using once again the Perfect Filter palette.

I am in love with this palette there’s alot of colours here that you can really just use.

I’m just gonna be using golds and a little bit of yellow so I'm gonna try to do a burgundy and gold cut crease.

First, I’m gonna be using this colour.

For this copper colour I'm just gonna put it all around the lids almost touching the brows.

Emma Watson’s makeup is really really light in the movie.

Let’s try something a little bit more dramatic.

Loving this colour very nice.

So, as you guys know I kind of love the NYX Lip Lingerie series.

so I’m really happy that they came up with a matching palette for my favourite Lip Lingerie shades and here they are~ Oh my god and it’s very very matte and very wearable.

So today I'm gonna be using this colour.

It’s kind of like a burgundy brown.

Oh you looking good baby! Alright so next I'm gonna be doing my cut crease and in order to achieve that look I am going to be using NYX Faux White in Mint colour.

Next I'm gonna be putting on this shade.

The best way to define a cut crease is to actually use a pencil liner.

What I’m gonna do is to use the NYX Faux Black in Burnt sienna.

I love it that the pencil eyeliner in the mint colour kind of locks in the yellow so it stays better.

It kind of acts like a primer.

Okay so I’m gonna be using the NYX Collection liquid black liner.

The brush is very soft so I like it that it’s not like tugging on the skin.

When you reach the end of the eyeliner I always just join it to where my cut crease is.

Next I'm gonna be lining my lower eyelids.

Next I’m gonna be putting on my eyelashes and I’m gonna be using NYX Wicked lashes in Scandal.

Why can’t all my armpit hair just grow on my eyelids, it’ll be quite curly as well.

I like this falsies.

They have sort of like an invisible lash bone.

Almost done with the eye makeup, the last step is to actually put on mascara.

I’m gonna be using the NYX Double Stacked mascara.

I’m gonna stack it, see how it looks like after that.

Maybe my eyelashes will reach until here.

Look at these fibers.

I’m done with my eye makeup now.

Alright, so I love the Lip Lingerie series.

As you can see all the colours are like super pretty and very very wearable.

Even though the shades kind of look quite similar, when you try them on you will realise that there are actually subtle differences.

I have picked this colour.

The texture is very creamy, very very pigmented.

For the Lip Lingerie series, it does not come in the brush brush, it’s almost like a little flap of soft plastic.

It makes applying very very easy.

Next I’m gonna be putting on my freckles and I hope this works.

I am done! This is my version of Belle from Beauty and The Beast and I am loving the makeup.

I’m gonna be putting on my yellow dress costume oh my god I cannot wait to try it.

Okay, let’s go! Okay, so I’m all dressed up in my princess Belle costume and oh~ I’m feeling so princess-y I love it.

Of course every princess needs her prince so i've managed to force a very unhappy Mike to come do this photoshoot with me.

Don’t worry you look very very handsome really really.

It’s like all the girls will love you.

But you don’t care because you only love me right? – Yes.

My true love.

Alright so now I will force him to do a photoshoot with me.

I hope you guys enjoyed my makeup look and I’m really in love with the pictures because I think they turned out so cute.

I’ve got some really exciting news for you guys.

Singapore will be having our first ever Singapore NYX Face Awards.

And the winner will be crowned the Singapore Beauty Vlogger of the year which is a really really prestigious title.

The past winners include people like Patrick Starrr, Glam&Gore.

If you guys don’t know what it is I would highly recommend that you go and check it out because the past winners are just amazing.

You have to see what they have done and you will not even believe that it’s all makeup.

If you’re a beauty vlogger in singapore, this is a great platform for you to grow! And it’s so awesome because the winner will get to fly to L.

A to attend the U.

S Face Awards in August.

Video submissions start on 14th april and please follow NYX Singapore’s Instagram account to find out more.

I can’t wait to see what you guys come out with.

Good luck! I guess most makeup tutorials will end right here because I've already finished my makeup, doing my hair, wore my costume, took my photos.

But here is what you don’t know – the truth behind what happens after every makeup tutorial shoot.

I take 200 years to finish my makeup hair and wear my costume and take pictures but after this what's gonna happen? I’m just gonna go home.

I don’t need to be dressed like that.

I’m gonna be removing my makeup with the Garnier Micellar cleansing water.

If you guys don’t know what micellar means, it’s actually a new technology where your cleansing water acts like a magnet to pick up your makeup particles and any dirt that’s on your face so you don’t have to tug and pull at your skin which will cause pre-mature wrinkles.

Don’t want that.

Before I start with the cleansing, gonna first take out my falsies.


I love it that it actually feels like not oily at all.

This really works on waterproof makeup especially the toughest mascara really cannot take out one.


All gone.

Oh no you can kind of see where I extended beyond my lips.

Also, I realise this mole is exactly in the middle of my face.

This half is not me, this is the real me.

I identify as a beautiful person.

Alright so now that I’m done with my makeup removal, let me show you guys what is really behind the scenes.

Thumpiest princess award, as it turns out I’m not wearing any shoes inside.

I think there’s a clip here somebody put it for me I'm not sure, otherwise the skirt will drop.

And then we have, what is this? I think it’s my microphone.

and then of course throughout the entire time my husband is just waiting for me and he’s very bored over there using his phone hoping that his battery doesn’t die.

We’re just gonna go home for dinner because it’s getting late and I'm getting really hungry and yeah I’m just gonna remove this dress and go home.

What is for dinner? What is for dinner?- Uh, instant noodles.

Mm sounds good, ya.

So, I’m done gonna remove the dress now and I’m gonna go home.

Thank you for watching guys I love you guys.

Please subscribe, okay?.

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