Bare Minerals Lovely Lips Unlocked Swatches

Bare Minerals Lovely Lips Unlocked Swatches

Today's video OH MY GOD it's so loud out! Natasha: I know Today's video is going to be a lip swatch video on these right here.

There the lip glosses from the BareMinerals Lovely Lips Unlocked set that is available at ULTA.

Natasha and I were able to get this seton markdown form 46 to 23 dollars so I though I would do a lip swatch video so you guys can see the colors and everything and yeah.

(music playing.

) (music fades out) Overall I really liked the lip glosses.

I know Natasha really liked them as well.

They have just the right amount of pigment.

At least for me they do.

I know if you want something super pigmented you might want to try the Anastasia lip glosses because Those are more on the lipstick side.

These BareMinerals lip glosses are not to stickyand they last a decent amount of time.

Obviously as lip glosses are they do have a a little bit of stickiness but they are not anything noticable.

The lip glosses I didn't like were forbidden nude perky peony.

Those are obviously the lighter colors.

If you have fairer skin I'm sure they will work fine for you but they just didn't on me.

Overall I really liked this set.

You get 10 glosses total and each one are minis.

So they are about half the size of the full sizeso you definitely get your value for the set especially if you bought it on sale like Natasha and I did.

And I did compare one of the colors to the regular sized color in the store and they seem to be about the same quality.

I hope you enjoyed the swatches.

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