Asian Beauty Pageant Makeup Tutorial/Asian Hooded Eyes Smokey Makeup

Asian Beauty Pageant Makeup Tutorial/Asian Hooded Eyes Smokey Makeup

Hey guys, welcome to my channel Today I am going to do this Asian beauty pageant makeup tutorial This is half face before and after makeup comparison I have been watching many Asian beauty pageant shows recently.

I think southeast Asia and south Asia have similar makeup style which is more passionate and out-going with arched eyebrow, obvious contouring and highlighting Well, east asian makeup is kind of low-key and gentle I am going to do a mixed version Strong eyes makeup with fair skin colour and light contouring I have done my foundation routine I am using Bobbi Brown cream eyeshadow in golden bronze to be the base of my eyeshadow.

It adds some shrimmer on my eyelid later I will use grey and brown matte eyeshadow, so the shrimmer just gives more glamour to my eyes.

Take a small brush to appy the deep grey colour of Maybelline the Nudes palette Keep eyes open to lift the outer corner of the eye It is like a cat eye shape wing to lift hooded eye and makes the eye bigger Draw straight lines from the end of the wing to connect the highest point of the eye.

then fill the outer corner of lower lashline and blend gently to the middle Then apply the brown colour to blend the edge of the wing and soften the harsh lines.

Apply the taupe colour to the edge of the brown eyeshadow to create another layer and depth Apply white shrimmer shadow to highlight inner corner of the eye I will finishe the rest of eyeshadow after eyeliner Use cream liner to fill the top eyelid waterline first and lashline, then define the wing and inner corner of the eye.

Just be careful with lower lashline fill the lashline but not the waterline for the outer corner so the eye looks bigger fill the waterline for the inner corner and the middle part of lower lashline so the eye looks bigger but not saggy Use grey shadow to blend under eyeliner and taupe colour to soften the edge of eyeshadow My false eyelashes have longer end so they can add another layer of shadow for the outer corner of hooded eye to make the eye bigger I will just use eyebrow pencil to fill my own eyebrow first this process just helps the hair in the right place Then define the shape It is really just personal habbit Some girls like to define the shape first and fill the colour later.

So that is the eye makeup before and after Apply contouring powder to the jawline and socket line and nose contouring Blash on the cheek bone connect with the contouring Apply scarlet colour lipstick so that is the half face comparison I am going to finish the rest.

that is the finished look I hope you like this video Please give me a thumb up and subscribe to my channel 🙂 Thank you so much for your support:) See you next time:).

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