Applying Smokey Eye Makeup : Applying Concealer to Eyes

Applying Smokey Eye Makeup : Applying Concealer to Eyes

And I'm now going to add some concealer toSherry, along with a synthetic fiber concealer brush.

Alright, so I'm going to use my concealerbrush and start to blend in the concealer on Sherry right on the inner corner first,because this is where she's the darkest.

And you'll notice I'm just tapping it right into her skin.

And it automatically just brightens up that area.

So, you just want to tap itin, and you can even follow up just to make sure it totally blends in to the bridge ofher nose, and even up a little bit, right underneath her brow, just so it's totallyseamless.

So, now you can see that she's pretty bright on the inner corner there, so now we'reonly going to add concealer where she's dark.

So, just right underneath the eye, we're goingto grab a little bit more, and we're going to start to tap it right in.

Concealer, youdon't need to put it all over the place, really only where you have discoloration.

And mypersonal opinion, I think that you should match your concealer perfectly to your skintone.

Some people will say it should be a half shad lighter, or should be a full shadelighter, and you know, it's just my personal opinion that it should be perfectly matchedto your skin.

This one is perfectly matched to Sherry, and you can see how seamless itis.

If we want it even lighter than this, it would almost look ashy, which means it'stoo light, it would look gray almost.

And if we went too dark, it would tend to lookmore orange, which is an indicator that it's too dark.

So, if you just stay in that easymedium and match it perfectly to her skin, you can't go wrong.

I'm also going to do,turn over this way, a little concealer anywhere that she has a little redness, so right aroundher nose.

And of course, any blemishes, you just want to take a little bit of this concealerand dot it right over the top, so it covers that up.

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