Hello girls, I'm Mar And today I'll.

Oh God I can not even believe I'm doing this Really.

I'm like why? And today I will try to do the latter is happening now on the internet that is to apply your makeup with a condom I have no idea where this came from, do not know why anyone would do this I honestly think it's because condoms are made of latex and people have been using silicone bases silicone sponge that.

And now I have my makeup on, just my basic routine while I'm here in my house And I think this will be very bad because.

Last Sunday I was with Many and asked who thought of this when he did and he told me it was the worst way you've done to apply your makeup so I'm thinking this is going to be super bad, so I thought I'd make a super basic intro for you and tell them what I think, try and accept that my makeup will not see at all well Right now I'm at home relaxed so I'll be watching Netflix all day so I do not need my makeup look good or anything so I think it's a good day to try this But anyway, I got my condoms here and this is very uncomfortable, I do not normally show them this but I do not know, really I wanted to try this and see what was happening and indeed I was googling the difference between silicone and latex and the latex is a natural rubber or rubber while silicone is made by man and there are many differences between the two, in fact silicone can stand the heat much more and latex, and I feel this is one of the reasons why not work the same and I feel like people, or who thought of this and it was the same use latex and silicone but the reason why I think it's not the same is that the latex is porous silicon so I think that ultimately could absorb just a little base and may also be filled with bacteria and being a natural product may eventually break of course if you put a beauty blender on a condom it is for use once and perhaps bacteria that break would not be a problem here but if you have a sponge with any of these rubbers I see that the people who made the silicone sponge He decided to do it with silicone and latex not, so it's rare I'm doing this but I learned so I'm happy Anyway, here I.

I think I'll open O God is super slippery, it should blow? Oh God I'm useless lol My hands, you have to wash it first as I understand.

I'll blow.

so here it is God My hands feel super-slippery I'll wash this and I have here my beauty blender I'm so sorry you beauty blender I'll do this and I'm grabbing it with a handkerchief But I have to wet my blender beauty and clean this up so I'll do that and come back Well, I'm back and I'll start to take off base hope not to scare girls and oh now.

here it is.

is not slippery and here is my beauty blender so I guess I'll put it here, this is super weird.

I mean, I think the logic behind this works is you do not have to wash your beauty blender so often and perhaps the basis will not be absorbed and I think he thought of this challenge.

is not a challenge, I think a hack if it works.

I do not know if it works.

I think it will not work but let's see.

maybe at the end if it works This has a point here and I'm trying to get the tip of the beauty blender here it seems that there is air.

ok I'm trying.


it is like a globito so it is very tight and I like tightening a little to the beauty blender it feels good and smooth that it feels like the beauty blenders usually I do not know if I have to tie him up or something like that but I will not let air circulate there so I'll leave it Ok so I have no basis which use all the time, usually the change always but lately I've been using this Urban Decay Naked Skin marrow can see that almost ended and I mix my bases so much.

let me see.

I'm gonna take this.

and I think that put up so.

You know what? I will bring the closer so you can see better so if it is a complete disaster as you can see.

right now I'm going to apply and this is super light and bouncy feels.

it feels good the sound it makes is very rare Well.

Oh God.

and it feels very difficult to mix as sticking Oh God, I'm also hitting my face with a condom is uncomfortable It is very difficult to mix this.

it's like where you put it stays there and I can see lines here and I do not know if my base absorbing latex Oh God under my eyes looks super bad and I like to apply it touches.

if I try and.

oh God feels super bad if you try to put it like that.

oh no.

with touches is the way to go OH GOD.

no no no and this is super super.

this looks super bad Oh, my God I did not expect it to look so bad, I thought they were being dramatic.

it looks super bad I'm doing this a super super light base, not as a basis but rather as a BB Cream I will use this database Urban Decay All Nighter which is very.

just does not matter to me then I will remove So let me see how it looks.

Oh God.

a little here and here very funny Ok here feel like I'm stabbing.

the sound is super funny Oh God.

stretched? Oh maybe just he moved uhmm.


it's almost impossible to blur.

I'll try to do it on my forehead so you can see I do here.

come here just as a large stain.

This is disgusting Super irregular Oh God I just want to get my beauty blender here and fix this It is not mixing very well.

all I would say this is rebounding much as does the beauty blender normally it's not like that.

I feel that that would not happen if I had closed super good and have no space to bounce but here it works really well Oh God.

is so irregular.

I do not think my base has been so ever because when I started using the base I had not used much but now I have a lot of irregular Based on my face.

looks very doughy face oh I'm so sorry.

I do not think I'll stick with this because.

no Let me see.


Oh God.

this is so.

my pores are huge GIANTS girls.

I do not know that much you can see on my face but there are so many textures in my skin and stains right here there is nothing base I wonder how would the dust.

I have this sponge is super dirty but I'm like.

you have to use this.

I olvidemosno of the other ok've been using a lot lately Shape Tape and do not want to spend here I feel that it will not work right.

ok just a little and if you can see I feel that based on Condon and dried a bit It is very rare, it feels very rare in the condom itself.

very dry texture.

I dunno.

I think it's the latex so I'll try.

and this texture is the same as on my face It is as if he had dust but not It is super doughy.

Oh God this is not mixing at all and the area under my eyes is a problem area for me and this is like sinking into every pore I mean what I mean is that if you want your database look doughy very irregular and that your pores are visible Super then this is the way to go This is starting to hurt.

look like sticks? I do not know why it sticks to my face Anyway.

I'll try a little dust because I want to see how it works with my powder Laura Mercier I use this all the time.

let's see how it goes.

I feel like my face is like a question mark I do not know what's going on since I started this video ok.

it is very difficult to control and is very thick.

I will only in the area under my eyes because I mean.

Why would elsewhere? It sits where you want.

I'm fabulous now? I feel that with dust and now the condom is filled with polvo.

Bueno already was.

It is a super rare texture.

but I can now slide a little better.

I think at least it is not as bad as before I'm trying to be optimistic here girls Well I'm done.

I do not want to continue with this.

I just want to wash my face and watch netflix and eating cake but honestly this is not the challenge is what I want to do with my life all the time Oh God still call a challenge and do not know why but I do not know what to call it, that you think I think it is a tag of makeup fail I do not know but as girls, I not tell them to try this and try it if you're bored or something but this would not be something to recommend them to your makeup in fact I made a revised silicone sponge if you want to review and have been very happy with it and I used a lot and I feel that it works so I'll leave the link if you want to see but girls, thank you very much to see and do not forget to give like if you liked, I mean if I want to see fail to apply my base and of course subscribe even if you're not giving click here I love them a lot and remember that I can follow instagram and see in the next video.


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