3 HOLIDAY MAKEUP LOOK TUTORIAL: Classic Red 3D Lips, Green&Copper Eyes, Purple Glitters

3 HOLIDAY MAKEUP LOOK TUTORIAL: Classic Red 3D Lips, Green&Copper Eyes, Purple Glitters

Hello! Azudesu.

Happy Holiday! Today, three types a perfect eye makeup to the party I would like to introduce.

Of course, even without 's party, at any time But then should I when I want to smile, the glitter Because or was using to have sparkling, to the party Do I try so I'd say it is perfect! I'm glad you enjoy.

Today, we will introduce only eye makeup.

So van, Kontoa, highlight, teak, etc.

Other than the eye makeup will begin a total finished state! The first is, elegant (?) Look at classy.

I would like to use a red lip! The first to thin pink Pearly, as a base It will spread to the entire eyelid.

Oh yeah, before you begin to put the eye shadow, the elf I painted an eye shadow primer on the eyelid.

The next of matte beige shadow, depression of the eyelid To, we will put a soft brush.

Since a little want the eye to the pink-ish color, On top of this a little darker mode Vie pink Place the crease (depression of the eyelid).

In the first to crease brush you use, it is beautiful shadow So that the gradient, will continue to blend.

Next, the matte beige shadow, the entire lower eyelid We will put.

Mix this dark, such Dusty pink two colors, Than the beige topped now, of eyelashes close to Kiwa We will put.

In addition, the lower and upper eyelid the shadow of this dark brown, A ride on the outside half, issues a depth.

Eye makeup in such a feeling, as red lip is noticeable, I think 🙂 want kept to a neutral & simple Eyeliner was bought recently, Knicks Use the training Joli liner.

Now because it made it reviews the video, interested Some people are, there the video also to enjoy ☆ This liner, draw a line to the mucous membranes of the upper and lower.

That this liner is draw a line a little honest mucosa It was very.

because, hey core is too hard, Line the mucous membrane Toka eyelid was pulled difficult amazing.

Once do not fall at all Once aboard the eyelid, much black Since color is also keep, it sounds but good! Draw a small cat line on the outside of the upper eyelid.

Liner is hard, so I think the cat line I did not become a sharp, a little line We will continue to blur.

It blurs the line with a dark gray shadow.

Since we did not satisfied with the can of eyeliner w, Super sharp liner of Kate, minus now Tracing the line.

This is my favorite liquid liner! Since Kate's liner is very good at an affordable price, I love ♥ In "Shimmer strip" of Physicians's Formula Inner corner of the eye will continue to put the highlights in.

In the same shadow, and eyebrow bone, also on the brow bone (laughs) Place the highlight.

The same shadow, we put in the middle of the upper eyelid.

(Three-dimensional effect is out casual to the eyelid!) Mascara, use a mistake cartoon mascara L'Oreal! Under eyelashes, and plenty of paint mascara.

Wearing the eyelashes put on the upper eyelashes.

False eyelashes was purchased in Japan in those of Daiso.

Lip takes the edge in the liner of dark red.

"Auburn" of this brand Perusoneru Color that.

We will paint the lips in this liner There, you have opened only in the middle.

And in the empty spaces, the color pop Place the "Maijamu".

"Maijamu" is I'm ultra-glossy lip A lot because the glitter is on, clean Light you ♪ So, out the three-dimensional effect, lip 3D Ppoku looks 🙂 lol I have this feeling that I like very much! This first one of the look is complete.

The following is Futatsume! An eye shadow primer of the same elf and a little while ago Apply to the eyelids.

And then, a dark beige shadow, We will put the entire crease.

A dark gray shadow, placed on the outside of the crease, It issues a depth.

In addition, it also puts a little bit the same shadow towards the inner corner of the eye.

It is felt like a time that the Halo eye! Here I tried to only all Oh eye makeup one eye.

Like this! ^^ Make-up Revolution "Makeup Geek A metallic green shadow palette ", and the finger Go put on the entire eyelid with the elves of the brush.

Clean the gray and green shadow blends! Then, in a brown and pink of the shadow of the bright, carrying now In addition put on top of the shadow, to all the beautiful Glade So as blend.

This will leave even the natural three-dimensional feeling.

The next inner corner of the eye highlights.

The champagne Poi color of the three colors Mix with, we will put on the inner corner of the eye.

The next lower eyelid! This metallic Copper (copper) color & Brown Mix in, you put the entire lower eyelid.

Put a darker pink underneath, to the Glade.

I want a little more out of the gorgeous feeling, Place the metallic gold in the middle of the upper eyelid.

The mucous membranes of the lower, the line in the pencil of the dark brown of K palette I'll pull.

This pencil is very line to the mucous membranes Since pulling easy, I like! And this line, only the outer corner of the eye of the part, until the outside of the lower lashes Pull a little protruding, lucky it to the pencil Blur using the chip.

We want to be more party specification, of this gold Place the glitter to the entire lower eyelid.

This is the "glitter Ratih Mascara & Liner", In the color of Andromeda, one of H & M.

And sparkling because glitter is in a lot Tiny! ! ♥ The same routine from here.

Coating a mistake cartoon mascara to the lower lashes, The line lightly upper eyelid at the same liquid liner You.

It is soft wing line.

And with the false eyelashes, Place the highlight on the brow bone with the same eye shadow.

Lip, the cover girl # 275 "coffee Grave" Fill in the entire lip ♪ This look-2 is finished! Privately this look is, coolness and cuteness is I think that the mix with a good feeling, Personally is a great favorite makeup 🙂 The following is the last of the look! This is me amazing Gila! ☆ Mi laughs First Place this dark a pink to the entire crease.

Then, in dark gray, it issues a depth to the crease.

This time, go with purple / cold color shades 🙂 Then clean will continue to blend.

Next, the vivid purple with this glossy, in the form of a V in the corner of the eye So as ride will continue.

The next bright lavender shadow of H & M The entire upper eyelid.

A little while ago of a vivid purple, only on the outside of the upper eyelid Place.

Eyeliner, use the Kate of purple pencil.

We will pull the line to the eyelids of the top and bottom.

This liner is not shining darker color Cute liner.

But if I wanted to keep the color in one day, good It is essential kana to use an eye primer, and I think you! Then the mucous membranes of the bottom, in this matte white pencil We will pull the line.

I forgot where you bought, certainly In online or something Ali Express I think that was bought.

Mucous membranes also line can be subtracted much Because there is a dye, I like.

Where there is fun from here! The color of "Nebula" glyceraldehyde Tara' tea liner From the inner corner of the eye, we will put up about the middle about.

Then glyceraldehyde Tara' tea "Starlight", this is In mascara / liner that contains the glitter of whitish, Both colors amazing cute color! Place it over the corner of the eye from the middle upper eyelid.

Clean seat the eyelashes wearing Once you blend the shadow! Lip, the color pop of Rippi Sticks "Tutsui", this is ish mauve in cold colors Wow cute Dusty pink do But, Mars coating this to the whole lips.

And then, of Ultra HD lip lacquer of Revlon On the "sand stone" on it! This look-3 is finished! In cold colors, sparkling & glossy gorgeous-based makeup It is those who want to pleasing! ☆ It is also seen this time and thank you very much 🙂 Please spend a fun and safe Christmas and the end of the year ◎ By all means enjoy the video! How nice, Subscribe, thank you to share ☆ See you in the next video! ! Also I ~ ~ ~ ^ ^ Amekun "Look – over there!" (Rats had) Where! ? (The dog) Hora caught me! Look! Where are you? appear? Lulu (dog)'m not that sort of direction.

Eye liner in the eye.


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