3 Beauty hacks every girl should know | Makeup

3 Beauty hacks every girl should know | Makeup

Everyone loves the winged eyeliner.

However, if you don't have a steady hand, look no further than the humble Paper- Tape.

Line it up parallel to the angle at which your waterline meets the eyelid at a distance you're comfortable with.

With swift strokes draw your liner on & peel the tape off in the upward direction.

Voila !!! Creating flushed cheeks that end up looking like you cut out pink paper circles & stuck it on your face, dust the excess powder off your brush by tapping it lightly.

Suck your cheeks in and apply it in a C- shape from the apples of your cheeks around the eye area for a seamless colour that looks like you're skin made it.

We refuse to let lipstick touchups constantly punctuate a busy day.

For a long lasting effect, don't just line the edge.

Instead, fill your lips in with liner and then apply lipstick over it.

The lipstick will also not settle into the cracks of your lips as the day wears on.

Source: Youtube