2 Min Tip: Lips Part 2

2 Min Tip: Lips Part 2

Let's just hop right to the good stuff.

I’m using a NYX lip primer and only primingthe outside of my lips.

With only a small amount of foundation thatmatches my skin color i’m gonna be applying this all over my lips and blending out.

A highlighter and a smaller fan brush is whatI use in the center of my upper lip to carve out my cupid’s bow.

I make sure it’s well blended into my lipso that there’s not one chunk of highlighter sitting in the center of my lip 'cause that would kinda look weird in the sun.

With a sharpened lip liner and short quickstrokes I go in starting at the bottom of my lower lip slightly overlining just the center of my lip.

And then I fill in the entire bottom lip.

This added layer of liner helps to keep mycolor on longer and prevent bleeding.

It’s so important to make sure that yourliner covers all of your lip so I go in as far back as my lip does.

Now for the lipstick.

Don’t put tube to lip.

This comes with a brush applicator but ifit were in a tube, I would be using a lip brush.

Starting in the center I create a line.

For some this helps to plump the lips butmine are already plump so this line just helps to guide me.

Do not do a windshield wiper motion on yourlips and don’t start directly on the edge of your lip.

One stroke, in one direction on each sectionof your lip.

On the bottom lip, I start from the centerand work outward.

On my top lip, I start at the cupids bow andgo out.

Be sure to pause in between the first andsecond coat especially if the lipstick is matte.

Two coats should do it and if you need to, youcan clean it up with concealer Because of the primer, foundation and liner and brush, the color of my lipstick is going to stay on much longer than it would if Iapplied the lipstick alone.

But, as you can see, i’ve run out of daylightand also out of minutes so be sure to like and subscribe to see more two minute tips! Love ya *muah*.

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