जानिए लिंग का सही साइज़ कितना होना चाहिए II KNOW ABOUT THE RIGHT SIZE OF PENIS ||

जानिए लिंग का सही साइज़ कितना होना चाहिए II KNOW ABOUT THE RIGHT SIZE OF PENIS ||

Rubina is here with in a healthy episode of F3 Healthy Life, just for you.

One of our viewer Mr Vijay has emailed us from Haryana UP He's asking that how much does size of a male penis matters to females? Also if an average size of penis can satisfy a woman during intercourse or not? Vijay firstly let me tell you that size of male penis doesn't matter at all.

Rather what matters that how do you do you intercourse how much you are involved in it whether its mentally or physically.

How lovingly you are doing this activity and how long you are able to sustain this activity.

So that's important.

If intercourse is done with so much of love and complete emotional involvement Then females never notices the size of the males penis.

Secondly I would like to say that the size of females vagina is 3-4 inches Which gets easily satisfy with the average size of penis.

Perhaps you don't know that the females vagina has this quality To adjust their vagina according to their male partner's penis size.

And most importantly, maximum of the females enjoys their male partner emotionally during intercourse.

So just don't worry about all this thoughts.

Don't think about whether your penis size should be long,small, thick or thin.

Just spare all these thoughts out of your mind.

I would advice you to have a open discussion with your partner on this topic.

That during the activity of intercourse how much satisfy and happy is she from you.

Or if she's unsatisfied or happy and what all are her expectations.

This way you'll came to know about what she thinks about this & also her expectations during intercourse.

This will help you to perform intercourse more easily.

For intercourse its important that how long you are able to sustain this activity.

For this its important for you to do exercises.

Do sit-ups, cycling, push-ups as this will increase your stamina.

This way you'll be able to sustain your intercourse for long period of time which is very important.

And you'll be able to keep your partner happy.

So just spare out your mind with this illogical myths.

And whenever you to intercourse, do it calmly, lovingly and with full involvement.

And yes, during intercourse its very important to maintain the hygiene.

This way after intercourse there'll be no threat of any kind of infection to your partner I hope with my videos you might have got all the answers to your queries.

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